Wednesday, October 29, 2014

IT'S SALE TIME – Shopping Therapy Commence!

HELLO FALL SALES, It's nice to see you too.

Check out the sales below for some fun hump day shopping! Shopping Therapy commence.
LE TOTE | Try your First Box Free! But hurry, its for 24 hours only. Ends 10/31. No code needed.
THE LOWDOWN | LE TOTE is a fashion rental service, sort of like Netflix but for your wardrobe! You select your favorite items, a stylist chooses pieces for your box (3 garments + 2 accessories) and you wear them and then return the pieces and get a whole new box. Free shipping both ways and you can purchase items that you love at 20-50% off retail prices.
AZALEA | 20% off everything. Yes, that includes sale items. HOP ON IT. Use the code: FLASH20.
THE LOWDOWN | Discount valid until 10/31. Azalea is a local SF shop that is amazing and you can shop directly from their site. They're on trend and affordable. I can't wait to show you a dress I recently got from their Hayes Valley shop!
RAG + BONE | 30% off Fall Styles. Hail to the yea! No code needed.
THE LOWDOWN | Um, I don't know. It's freaking Rag + Bone.
NEED SUPPLY CO. | 20% off entire site. Ends tonight at midnight. Use the code: FWB20
THE LOWDOWN: Friends with benefits're my friend, let's benefit.
GYPSY WARRIOR | 20% off anything, sale too! Use the code: GYPSYLIFE20
THE LOWDOWN | I love Gypsy Warrior. They have really fun pieces and their instagram is always full of great inspiration!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lust List // Must List


I am obsessed with this online store, Front Row Shop. They reached out to me months ago (see the post here) but I revisit their site and lust, often.  I mean please. . .look at that white faux fur coat! They probably have some of the most on trend pieces I have seen from online retailers, with affordable prices. Style coming out of Shanghai is phenomenal, so it's not surprising that this store has won my heart. Their pieces are creative, far from boring, and undefiably cool. So pictured above are some of my favorite pieces. But mind you many are sold out! Which is the only downside to the site. So if they have it in stock, act fast! Best part is, shipping is quick too. I hope you enjoy checking out Front Row Shop, you won't regret it! P.S. Help me pick a piece by commenting below and telling me which one is your favorite. Or if you'd like me to link you to one of the above pieces, I'd be happy too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Freaking out on the Kitchen Floor, but at least I don't look like a potato.

Transitional fall style by Bryn Newman of Stone Fox Style
Hey! Hey guess what? Guess what, guess what, guess what? I'm going to Hawaii! And I have SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE WE GO, on Saturday. So I kind of feel like lying on the kitchen floor and just freaking out and not moving for a couple of hours. But today, I actually wrote a blog post. And edited photos (Rob took them). So I hope that's as exciting for you as it is for me. But what's really exciting for me are these overalls. They're the most perfect-est overalls ever. They make your bum look great and don't make you look like a sack of potatoes. Can someone really look that way? I'm not sure....but have no fear, you won't look bad in these babies from White Crow

Friday, October 3, 2014

Turn On the Light - Jamie T

French Connection Blouse, Sanctuary Jacket and JOA Midi Skirt from LE TOTE on San Francisco Style Blogger Bryn Newman of Stone Fox Style
We're getting a little excited for Fall in the office. The tartan and plaid is rolling in. Sweaters are making our warehouse burst at the seams. And the weather in San Francisco is hotter than ever. Classic. Either way for national coffee day I had to run next door and grab one coffee from one of my favorite shops, Sight Glass, all dressed up in a Fall ensemble from LE TOTE. In the battles of the coffee shops, I wouldn't say I am partial to Blue Bottle or Sight Glass. I love both equally, for very different reasons. Blue Bottle has a latte that is much creamier and very delicious. The Sight Glass latte is a little more tart and acidic and their pour overs are exquisitely flavored. I'm doing no carbs but Sight Glass definitely wins when it comes to pastries, but Blue Bottle has some great pretzels and ginger molasses cookies!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cozy Cozy Cozy

Fall Sweater Weather Style
I'm currently wearing a sweatshirt from Brandy Melville. Because all I want to wear is cozy and oversized stuff lately. I know this sounds like a depression commercial waiting to happen but really nothing makes me feel better than a oversized sweater and some skinny jeans. But then, there are times when I have to dress up. Well not really, I never have to dress up, I work at a startup. But to stay sane, the heels need to go on. Which is why pencil skirts and t-strap heels are perfect for pairing with big comfy sweaters. It's like you're trying when you totally aren't.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NYC Photo Diary

I recently took a trip to Manhattan for FashTechNYC on behalf of LE TOTE. I wrote this post for the LE TOTE blog but I wanted to share it on mine as well, with a few more personal additions! The trip was full of hectic last minute event planning, brunch, and lots of exploring. I was even on a panel talking about fashion and technology. People quoted me on twitter, it was surreal, and crazy. Plus I got to see my two best friends from high school! Here's a roundup of some of my favorite places we stopped, ate, and drank! Plus a couple of outtakes and some random photos I want to share. Please excuse how long this post is!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Top Knotch

Stone Fox Style inside of Blue Bottle Heather Ceramics
Am I punny? I think I am. This is the knottiest top knot I have ever had on my head. Which probably explains the headaches towards the end of the day...but I can't get over how cute the little ball looks! This outfit is a little more experimental, I wanted to style something with an edge that wasn't necessarily grungy, but more creatively edgy. Obviously this leopard midi skirt would look amazing with a crop top, but that's the easy way out! Mixing these girly tops with something more structured or masculine is the way to go! i.e. Band tees and girly skirts = magic. This outfit is really fun and unique, but the photos are probably my favorite part. Robby is such a gem! Coffee runs with him are always a nice way to get away from the desk for a few minutes and snap some shots. This time we swung by the Blue Bottle at the Heath Ceramics location in the Mission, I think Blue Bottle might be my religion..