Sunday, July 9, 2017

In The Studio With Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM | Mindfulness For Creativity

The number one most important thing for me in the art studio is good tunes. There's nothing like feeling like dancing while painting, I can't explain it but it's the best feeling, the feeling of pure happiness. That being said, I don't know what I'd do without my Ultimate Ears Wonderboom as of late. Not only do I use it in the studio, but I bring it in my room to listen to meditations my mom sends me, and I have been traveling with it! I'm not one for listening to music in the middle of nature (the natural sounds are too good to ignore), but I love having it with me to try to listen to a meditation before I start painting or to check out podcast, then turn of, zone in to the work, absorb everything around me and just paint.

I didn't get a chance to hit the canvases this weekend but I checked out a Mindfulness For Creativity workshop and I'm so excited to apply the practices to my practice! They had us do a mindfulness mediation and then ran us through their 'formula' for accessing your inner creativity in a thoughtful manner. For me, this was majorly important because I almost get anxious I am so inspired all of the time. They recommended using meditation, stream of consciousness writing, and manifestation to tap into your creative flow. Of course, the first stage is getting your shit together, which I love how blunt and real they are about that. Ultimately, you are responsible for your actions and outcomes, and all it takes is the decision to make a change, figure your shit out, and GO! Make the decision to start, no more excuses.

So essentially the idea is to practice meditation and mindfulness to get in touch with yourself, the now, and the wonder of the things around you. Plus, you may begin to expand your awareness of how much time you really do have in a day, rather than continuing to say you're too busy for meditation or creativity, or both! Not only is this healthy for creativity, but your mental health overall. Then, each morning right when you wake up, spend 5 minutes doing stream of consciousness writing. Just write! That's it. I used to do this back in my creative writing classes and it's an incredible practice to get yourself warmed up and unlock the subconscious. Being able to tap into the things your mind typically buries with thought will allow yourself to become more in touch with your intuition and subconscious, which I fully believe in. One, your intuition is the most important voice in your life and if you can allow it to present itself, you'll be surprised at what it says and how strongly it will resonate with you in a joyous way. Two, when you give yourself the opportunity to open up and let words out, you'd be surprised what happens. I have practiced stream of consciousness writing for some time, usually in ways to unleash answers about love, life, work, etc. But I never thought about it as a way to also work on tapping into my creative flow, so not only can I not wait to try it, but I really recommend it to others to try.

Lastly, at the end of the week they say to write down your projections, or as I like to call it, your manifestations. As hokey as some might think The Secret is, apparently scientists are finding that the brain cannot tell the difference between an imaginative thought and a ‘real’ thought. So, the importance of dreaming really is powerful, if you write down your dreams, your projections, your hopes, they will become a reality if you will it, in some way. I love that!

The final piece to the puzzle that I loved so much was the idea of cleaning your feeds and designing your social media channels to nourish your creativity. You often spend so much time saying, “I don’t have time to do that.” But when you’re spending your 10 minutes on your phone, scrolling Instagram, you have a huge opportunity to use that time to inspire yourself. So create an account and follow only pages that inspire your creativity, get rid of the ‘body goals’ and ‘bikini babes’ and anything that makes you feel bad about yourself (unless those things inspire you in a positive way). If it doesn’t spark joy when you look at it, then either unfollow it, or use your new ‘inspiration feed’ account just for a week, and see how it nourishes your creativity. Again, I also love this because I use so many photographers who get to travel around the world and see places I might never get to see as inspiration for my work. I use their images to access the colour palettes of the world, virtually. So clearing my feed of the things that make me feel bad about myself, is the digital detox I need, without getting rid of a channel that brings me a lot of inspiration, quite often.

So this weekend in particular weekend may not have been an actively creative one, it was definitely a inspiring one. Not only did I spend my Sunday going to boxing and feeling good about myself, eating vegetarian all weekend, and avoiding all day hangovers by taking it easy Saturday night, I actually broke my laptop and didn’t even care! So Sunday night, when I typically would spend that time watching Netflix until midnight, I spent a few hours just writing, poetry and practicing stream of consciousness while unwinding to music on my UE Wonderboom. It felt great! Seriously. I am blown away by the improvements of my happiness just after one weekend.

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on my creative mental health and my love for this powerful little bluetooth speaker have a listen to the playlist I made for you to hear what I listen to while I'm in the studio!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I guess warm nights are intoxicating, addictive, and make your soul run wild.

This past weekend I tried to take some time to reflect and truly bring myself back to memories I had from when I was a teenager. It's one of those things that feels like yesterday, being a teen, enjoying summer break without a care in the world. Then I realise how little I actually try to think about my past, fully dive into these memories, and enjoy them. And I couldn't get over how long ago it all seemed, but how present the memories felt, it was like I transposed myself with my past self for only but a moment.  Laying right there in the grass, I could close my eyes and see and feel all of these memories that I forget on a daily basis. Not that I am one to ever want to live in the past, but it was incredible, thinking about those times. 

Those friends.
Those infinitely long days at the beach.
It was just pure magic.
I guess warm nights are intoxicating, addictive, and make your soul run wild.
That's was growing up by the beach does to you. It makes you addicted to summer.  

Living here, while it's summer back home, it's hard. I love the winter, but I guess you always want what you can't have. 

So, to fill my gaping heart, I have picked some summer ready tees from Abercrombie , as you do instead of booking a flight home to see your family and friends.

// I just wanted to say again, a thanks to Marco, who took these photos for me, and tell you one more time (if anyone is actually reading this) to take a look at his site, he is about to go on the craziest journey I have ever heard of. Honestly, every time we talk about it, I realise more and more how wild it is that he will be driving through countries I didn't even know existed (cough cough I don't think I'm that dumb for not knowing Tajikistan existed). Follow his trip on the Mongol Rally and hop on the  HerodotusExpress.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reinventing Preppy with Abercrombie & Fitch

If you're like me, then when you think of Abercrombie  you think about that time you went to the 8th grade dance wearing a hot pink polo with a teal embroidered moose in the corner and a mid length flare skirt. And you're slightly horrified and question how anyone ever let you have a career in fashion. But then, 10 years later you get reacquainted with an old friend, who has (like you) changed a lot. (If you didn't quite catch that, the old friend is Abercrombie  and we both have moved past the pink polo and on to bigger and better things) When Abercrombie approached me to work on a project with them, I couldn't wait to see what they were up to. And I was blown away by their new look, a reinvented preppy, a kind of preppy that edgy ole me could seriously get down with. I mean, I would be lying if I said I hadn't been dreaming of an army green utility jumpsuit ever since I saw Sasha Benz wearing one, here.

Let it be known, that from this day on, I loved wearing sweaters around my neck.

Abercrombie, you have won me over.


Little Pink Polo, All Grown Up.

P.S. Big thanks to my ❤️ Marco who helped me take these photos. Make sure to follow his journey as he travels from London through countries many people have never visited, up to Mongolia, for the Mongol Rally. You can see his videos, photos, and adventures by hopping on and following the HerodotusExpress.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Autumn In Australia with Abercrombie & Fitch

In summer or winter, spring or autumn, I'm a believer in the chunky knit sweater. Especially one that's borrowed from the boys. There has always been this magic for me about feeling the warmth of the sunshine and a ever so slight hint of cool air. Perhaps it's my upbringing on the Florida coast that makes me so enamoured by this kind of weather, a combination of scorching hot days and cool briny wind that leaves your hair tasting like salt. Well at least in Florida's autumn and winter, summer you better get the hell out of dodge. But even in summer I found myself in a bikini and sweater year round. After a long day at the beach, nothing felt better than a cozy sweater. But then again that's because the blasting air con once you hit somewhere indoors would have your wet swimsuit feeling like an ice cold torture chamber, so you always had to be prepared. So this past weekend had me reminiscing on these feelings, Australia's autumn, reminding me of how much I love cool weather, especially if it's paired with warm sunshine as the sun sets.

Which is why I am such a believer in the perfect cream sweater, there is never a bad time for a one. Ever. Which is why I own at least 6. And of my 6 cream sweaters, I swear this Abercrombie one is the best. Because they've been making the best quality sweaters and outerwear since 1892. But maybe, just maybe...I also love it because it's oversized, from the mens department, and makes me feel like I am curled up in his arms. 

P.S. Big thanks to my ❤️ Marco who helped me take these photos. Make sure to follow his journey as he travels from London through countries many people have never visited, up to Mongolia, for the Mongol Rally. You can see his videos, photos, and adventures by hopping on and following the HerodotusExpress

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Friday I'm In Love

For someone who could arguably have given up their blogging career, coming back to do a post about Robert Smith may seem strange to you.

But, I am the type of person that gets so excited when they are inspired, they just have to share the bursts of love and inspiration with the world.

No wonder people get annoyed of me , I need constant communication, there's so much going on in this tiny (jk it's huge) brain of mine!

That's why I started blogging in the first place, it was a platform for me to share this (often useless) information with the world. If you wanted to read it, you could. It was a way for me to avoid bombarding my friends on Facebook with heaps of crap and selfies. Sorry, I still do that anyways.

So here I am, posting for the first time in MONTHS. Because I am feeling so much inspiration by a man named Robert Smith, also known as the lead singer of The Cure.

I mean...just look at him.

I watched the Friday I'm In Love music video directed by Tim Pope and my eyes widened. The costumes, his black eye makeup and red lipstick, his long sleeved shirt with extra long sleeves paired with super skinny pants and bulky shoes – be still my beating heart! I always have loved The Cure, I saw them live actually...but this is a new found love, rekindled.

The icing on top was absolutely the dancing. And what can I say, I have a very sacred place in my heart for irreverent and strange dance moves (cue David Byrne obsession rant, but I'll save that for another time). Robert's awkward arms and hip shaking had me wanting to climb onto the top of my desk, kick over my colleague's 4 iMac desktop computers, conquer our desk pod, overthrow the patriarchy of our open space office plan and rename said pod as a newfound dance floor. Sadly, this image only could occur vividly in my imagination, but a girl can dream.

Nonetheless, this random obsessive thought needed a blog post, so alas! Here I am, back at it again.

Until next time kids. Back to fantasizing about dancing on top of my colleague's desks with the awkwardness of a new born baby giraffe.

In honour of me avoiding work right now and being completely enamoured by this music video, I am going to help you recreate some of these looks. YES! Why not.

This gold blazer struck me with so much force, that it was hard to ignore. It's everything. You could wear it acting as a prince giving 0 actual fucks with pajama pants and loafers.  OR you could wear it with white flare sleeves peeking out from the cuffs of the blazer and creepers. Crown, optional. Nonetheless you won't need one, because you'll look so cool it will feel like you're wearing one anyways.

What can I say, it's a classic and underrated look. What caught my eye was the extra long sleeves on this white tee. I have noticed this trend in Australia, reinvented basics, essentially. Therefore, whether for men or women or women wearing mens clothes (which is always a good idea), this look had to be recreated. Go for gold baby. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Things are warming up

Things are warming up down under and you know what that means? The right playlist is all you need to have a good time. The laneway parties are popping up and the beach days are getting closer, and all you need to live in harmonious synchronicity is some boogies and tunes. I may have forgotten my dad's birthday because my internal clock is completely flipped upside down and forgot it was December, but I guess there's nothing like summer to get you in a glowing mood. Sorry dad, still love you more than anything. Summer in Australia also means festivals are in full force, I've already been to one! And let me tell you – Coachella doesn't have ANYTHING on the festivals here. What better way than spending a weekend floating in a river listening to artists perform, while your friends slide down mud hills and you're sitting on an inflatable couch with an IPA? Yup, it's pretty great. Oh yeah and don't forget the glitter. I think star covered eyebrows might be my next big move. As soon as I am able to wear my new tinsel wig or somehow dye my hair metallic tinsel, gold star eyebrows it is. Just kidding, but how awesome would it be to show up to your corporate office building looking like that?

P.S. I started working at a new agency and one of our clients is an organic makeup brand that you need to know about, I had NO idea how many chemicals and carcinogens were in the makeup I wore every single day, no wonder we all have the worst health issues! Only 80% of chemicals & ingredients are regulated by the FDA. Freaky right? So if you want to love the stardust in your soul, give your skin some love too with natural and organic makeup from World Organics, AND NO I don't mean by just using Bare Minerals because it's in the branding. You actually have to look into this stuff, branding is all me :) And yes I think feeling that good in 100% natural and up to 80% organic makeup warrants a selfie like the one you see above. 


Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Feels

The sun is starting to shine down under and it's time to celebrate. Life is busy and again I feel like I must apologize for my absence on social media and my blog. It hasn't received the love it deserves and it kills me. But it doesn't mean that I haven't stopped being inspired, almost to the point of a pure anxiety meltdown. I see so many things I am inspired by, so many things I want to create, so much I want to do and see, that it just sends me spiraling. Does anyone else ever get that way? It's like my mind is running at a million miles per hour and I look around and see something shiny and go, "I WANT TO MAKE THAT." Then it stresses me out and I don't do it because there are so many things I want to create. But that being said, I have been doing a lot of art lately and that is why my fashion posts have been limited. Trust me, after a day of painting all of my clothing is ruined so I have to keep the two very very separate.

So if I am not doing blogposts and I am not creating as many fashion shoots, what the hell am I doing? Well I got a new job and I am working on creative strategy at an agency here in Sydney. It's amazing. While doing that I am constantly curating my fave tunes on my spotify and keeping my eyes on the webs for things that inspire me, so I figured...why not share it with you!

Oh and I am heading to two pretty amazing festivals over the next few months so I am getting into major costume design mode. It's going to be insane. Just wait.