Friday, January 13, 2012

My Darling

I was doing my typical lookbook browsing with my mom looking over my shoulder this afternoon when she stopped me as I was on Bebe Zeva's page. She said that if she would have seen one of her pictures on my blog that she would have thought it was me. I found it kind of amusing because it's not the first time I have heard this, so we kept going through her looks. My mom got super excited and made me get up and put on an outfit that was Bebe inspired. She told me I needed to push it to the edge like Bebe does. So with all of my clothes packed we headed to what was left of my closet to hunt for the perfect outfit. The choices were limited. I had my airplane outfit laid out which included my go to oversized favorite band t (Le Blorr), jeans, and a leather jacket. So I grabbed the T, my mom threw me a pair of leopard shorts, and I headed to her closet for this vest and these boots. She's been urging me to wear these boots and I was always hesitant, but as soon as I put them on I was finally swayed. 
As for accessories this feather ear cuff is really doing it for me. Coming from Jewish heritage I am encouraged (demanded) not to get any (more) piercings or any tattoos. I appreciate this body purity but resisting the temptation to get my nose pierced is about to do me in (don't worry Dad I won't...but I still want that car you promised me). Good thing there are stores in St.Augustine that sell cool silver ear cuffs like this one. The shop is called Silver Feather if any of you ever find yourself in the Oldest City. I've come to find that I need to find more interesting and creative ways to end these posts. Not to mention that I need to shoot more interesting and creative looks! 

p.s. check out Bebe's blog Fated To Be Hated

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My latest and greatest accessory has been my Nikon FM2. Shooting in film again makes me appreciate every photo I take. You don't just snap photos every second like you do with your phone or digital camera. Shooting in film makes you stop and look at what beautiful moments you are freezing forever. The best part is the excitement of seeing the results. I would love to make a permanent switch to film but waiting for them to develop and the expenses really hamper that dream. I am a little absent minded today so I am going to cut this post short.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princess Thunderbird

The words  SITSI & AMA come from the Navajo language sitsi meaning daughter and ama meaning mother. Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Colorado have all been major influences in my life. The New Mexican influences come from my mother and grandmother. Both women of the world and very well traveled, I have come to respect them very much. Many of the things I find of theirs originate from the west//southwest. Though I didn't know my grandmother very long I am influenced by her daily through the trinkets of hers I find in my mom's jewelry box. I also am given wonderful pieces of my grandmother's for special occasions from my Aunt. I can't forget that she raised my mom either, she raised a stylish one if I may say so myself. I say this because, this outfit is entirely from my mother's closet, minus the simple tank top dress (Goodwill).

I can't imagine her wearing any of it these days and I'm sure as hell glad she doesn't because then it's mine! I have been rocking these boots since middle school and their debut in Colorado next week shall be grand. I'm sure its been 15 years since they have been worn in their birth state. It was nice to feel in touch with my rumored native american roots...I will never forget my grandma saying we were Cherokee Indian princesses...whether it's true or not, a girl can dream right?

As for trendspotting: BOLO TIES (another family influenced item I have been wearing since middle school)
Get them at the thrift store while you can, or raid your grandpas old stuff, they're hiding (for cheap) somewhere. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bike Rides and Dreams of Summer Tides

Today I stuck with my consistent routine of waking up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I am incredibly bored and running out of things to do in my small town. Everyone is back to school and I am still on vacation. Nonetheless I decided it was time for some fresh air. My mother and I took the bikes out and put Remi (our Parson Terrier) in the basket and went for a ride. It was lovely out and I can't say I won't miss the mid 60 temperatures of Florida's January weather.

Today's look is nice because it is simple. These pants were free (thank God for handmedowns) and this Calvin Klein sweater from Goodwill was a steal. I am pretty much obsessed, its the perfect outfit for low-key outdoor adventures, like a picnic or a walk on the beach. Now I just need to find friends to do such things with? Eh. That's okay. I'm fine with listening to Angus and Julia Stone all day and going on bike rides with le mama and le pup.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Style Spotlight: Nicole Cataland

I am looking to explore other peoples opinions on style and what it takes to have a thought provoking sense of style. How does one actually use clothing and appearance to express oneself? Has the purity of personal style been tainted? Is fashion in the 21st century contrived?

I went to my gorgeous friend Nicole Cataland to find out.

These Vans sunglasses are fail-proof. Only $10.00 too!

Nicole Cataland: Just took down 5 pounds of fried rice, lets party.
Bryn Newman: Great!
So back to the first question, in your own words define what 'style' is.
N: I think style encompasses a far deal more than just fashion, its in a sense the effort that a person makes to be perceived .. the attitude and energy they emit to everyone around them.

B: Agreed. Its about instinct, presence, and knowledge of what looks good.
If you had to describe your style in 3 words what would they be?
N: Hmm id like to think i can be audacious yet demure.. for the third one i guess ill go with idiosyncratic.
(im having fun with this)

B: I knew after a full tummy you might.
any celebrity crushes when it comes to fashion or 'style presence'?
N: I could go on for days listing my infatuations but let me try to pull one in particular. Will I be judged for lesbian crushes?

B: Absolutely not. Lets do one guy one girl?
N: Guy: David Bowie. Girl: Francoise Hardy
Reason: Leather. A lot of it. And bit chin attitude

B: Both vital. How would you day your style has evolved, oh lets say, since freshman year?
N: This is challenging. I've never recognized myself to be labeled any particular style. I sort of think I've always just had an eye for things I liked and went for it.. not really ever striving to be different, just went with what I felt like and kinda indifferent if it was what anyone else was doing.. but I guess there has been an advancement with progressively using fashion to express my personality.. that sounds so generic shoot me haha. The concept style I'm playing with now is challenging the social boundaries regarding my age.. I enjoy the entertainment of maybe dressing slightly suggestive with a naive charisma...don't tell my mom.
I'm cracking myself up. I'm not sure how I feel with any of this being published to the internet.

B: Ah I never knew you were being so deliberate when you wore such ensembles.
If there were a book written about you what would the title be?
N: "Young and Jaded"

B: Of course. What is your next must have purchase and//or dream splurge?

B: Ah the search for the perfect pair of heels never seems to be over for us.
N: 'tis perilous.

B: As for fashion, music, the arts, etc. How do you see them playing out for you in the future?
N: I've been working on projects here and there over the years and I do have a desire to actually create something (literal and metaphorically). But I'm trying to be strategic about it and not put myself out there unless I have a significant statement to make. I can't place any sort of date on when that will happen.. but one day.. you'll see.
This high-waisted, mid-calf length, velvet skirt is a Goodwill purchase to die for.

B: And I'll probably beg you to let me be involved.
So thanks for giving me some of your precious time to pester you with questions.
Perhaps one day this blog will be significant and you can say you were the first to be interviewed.
N: Shweet. No prob. I'm going to go get seconds now on lo mien. l8r bb.
Nicole is always a delight. Now if only I could convince her to start lookbooking. But she's too perfectly detached for something like that and I respect her for that so very much. Hence why it's no surprise she has a Facebook one day but not the next. So goes it with her phone and so on. I can't wait to watch this girl grow up. She may very well be the smartest person I know and she succeeds with everything she tries.


over shirts on everythang

Today's look was all about this 90's Southwestern Wrangler button-down from Buffalo Exchange.
I am a big fan of overshirts, they basically double as cardigans. I like them almost as much as I like coffee. Overshirts are phenomenal because they are incredibly versatile. You can throw one over a dress for a more casual ensemble or pair it with a something a little more skin bearing to balance the look out. Button-downs over any outfit allow for an easy transition from day to night.
Whether it be flannel, chambray, jean, a fun print, or a solid color, any kind of button-down can make a great overshirt. The fun thing about this trend is; it works for both boys and girls. I love a guy in fitted jeans, a sexy graphic t, and an (you guessed it) over shirt!

It's that easy. Even a 'bro' tank top can be taken to a whole new level. Check out Raimundo's looks and you'll see what I am raving about. While you're at it take a look at Acid Reign, his small scale apparel company out of Australia. From scoop neck t's to five panel hats, he kind of kills it when it comes to men's style.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

white blank page

Today's look was tossed together in a matter of minutes. Waking up at one o'clock in the afternoon with a lunch date between 1-3 really hampered my daily routine for getting ready. But for some reason this look came together perfectly. The earth tones made it a go to day look that accentuated my green eyes. Wow do I feel like a narcissist saying something like that, but hey, its true.

On the other hand I hate it when tights are somewhat see-through, they don't photograph well and are actually quite unflattering captured in a picture, but thats all apart of the learning curve of fashion photography I guess.

Anyways as for styling, I have found that simple slips paired with crochet tops and sweaters make a delightful combination. Yet another combination I have been drooling over is socks and boots. Especially Sorels and socks, but in Florida wearing a pair of snow boots would be absurd. I'll have to stick with my faux fur combat boots from modcloth until I get back to Boulder.

The weather has finally cooled down. The wet bone chilling North Florida cold has begun to seep through my windows and freeze my little toes. At least it is sunny and I can pile on layers to shed while walking through the town center, drinking my toffee nut coffee, and contemplating if I want to spend $25.00 on Polaroid film. As I strolled, I throughly considered the Urban Outfitters employees, and how if they work at such a prestigious clothing shop, why do they not know anything about their companies projects or collaborations? I walked in looking for Polaroid film because I had read that Urban Outfitters was teaming up with The Impossible Project and the lady starred at my blankly and made me feel like an idiot. Why would anyone go about treating a customer like that? "Well we get shipments everyday, if you have heard something like that I'm not sure where you heard it. Come back next week and check" (Cue: condescending//I work at this hip ass place smile)

Dang it. I went there a year ago asking about this and I got the same reaction. I am so sick of some of their employees acting like they are better than you. I guess you approach that wherever you go though. People are too attached to their egos to want to encourage one another or learn from one another.

On another note from watching behind the scenes styling and modeling casting calls, how the hell did they afford that much polaroid film?! And the things I would do to get my hands on all of those photos! You could do some fantastic things with those pictures. (Cue: my mind going a million different directions with DIY polaroid ideas)

Now I am distracted and I am off to Art Walk downtown.

Here is a song that I really like by a band called The Cave Singers.

This silver cuff is to DIE for. I received two of them from my aunt for Christmas. They were my grandma's in high school. I love love love silver Sante Fe inspired jewelry.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the beginning

I recently ordered these two items from a UK site. Waiting three weeks for them to arrive was totally worth it because I am in love with this sweater. It is incredibly soft and the light pink color is fresh and new for my wardrobe. The ear cuff is phenomenal because my parents would hate to see me get anymore piercings and it has a skull on it, so it won my heart obviously. As for the jeans, there will always be a little bit of Garth in my soul. I think he is my spirit animal. Just kidding, but seriously these acid wash pants are fantastic high waisted Levi's jeggings that I could probably live in for the rest of my days.

This is my first post on my 'fashion blog'. I already have a million and a half social networking apparatuses but I figured it was time to narrow it down and get serious when it comes to fashion blogging. I guess January 3rd isn't too late to start a new years resolution so here goes it; Stone Fox Style is a blog with fashion illustrations, paintings, drawings, doodles, photography, and all around creation. Perhaps it will even come to the point where I will share some of my DIY secrets in tutorials as well as finish all of the DIY projects I have been yearning to start. 

This year is going to be amazing, I can tell. But at this point I have been in bed all day messing with this new site and I believe it is time for me to grab that coffee I have been craving since 10 am. So as for this post I am going to leave you with what Stone Fox is or what I hope for it to become:

Stone Fox is a project that I have been on the verge of starting for a long time now. As I experiment with different projects I will slowly release them for sale. All of my prices will remain practical and the product will be sensational. I want to start a herd of Stone Foxes. What exactly is a Stone Fox, you ask? A Stone Fox is alluring and mysterious. Boy or girl a Stone Fox holds the key to keeping it stylish, sexy, and sly.