Friday, January 13, 2012

My Darling

I was doing my typical lookbook browsing with my mom looking over my shoulder this afternoon when she stopped me as I was on Bebe Zeva's page. She said that if she would have seen one of her pictures on my blog that she would have thought it was me. I found it kind of amusing because it's not the first time I have heard this, so we kept going through her looks. My mom got super excited and made me get up and put on an outfit that was Bebe inspired. She told me I needed to push it to the edge like Bebe does. So with all of my clothes packed we headed to what was left of my closet to hunt for the perfect outfit. The choices were limited. I had my airplane outfit laid out which included my go to oversized favorite band t (Le Blorr), jeans, and a leather jacket. So I grabbed the T, my mom threw me a pair of leopard shorts, and I headed to her closet for this vest and these boots. She's been urging me to wear these boots and I was always hesitant, but as soon as I put them on I was finally swayed. 
As for accessories this feather ear cuff is really doing it for me. Coming from Jewish heritage I am encouraged (demanded) not to get any (more) piercings or any tattoos. I appreciate this body purity but resisting the temptation to get my nose pierced is about to do me in (don't worry Dad I won't...but I still want that car you promised me). Good thing there are stores in St.Augustine that sell cool silver ear cuffs like this one. The shop is called Silver Feather if any of you ever find yourself in the Oldest City. I've come to find that I need to find more interesting and creative ways to end these posts. Not to mention that I need to shoot more interesting and creative looks! 

p.s. check out Bebe's blog Fated To Be Hated