Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Princess Thunderbird

The words  SITSI & AMA come from the Navajo language sitsi meaning daughter and ama meaning mother. Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Colorado have all been major influences in my life. The New Mexican influences come from my mother and grandmother. Both women of the world and very well traveled, I have come to respect them very much. Many of the things I find of theirs originate from the west//southwest. Though I didn't know my grandmother very long I am influenced by her daily through the trinkets of hers I find in my mom's jewelry box. I also am given wonderful pieces of my grandmother's for special occasions from my Aunt. I can't forget that she raised my mom either, she raised a stylish one if I may say so myself. I say this because, this outfit is entirely from my mother's closet, minus the simple tank top dress (Goodwill).

I can't imagine her wearing any of it these days and I'm sure as hell glad she doesn't because then it's mine! I have been rocking these boots since middle school and their debut in Colorado next week shall be grand. I'm sure its been 15 years since they have been worn in their birth state. It was nice to feel in touch with my rumored native american roots...I will never forget my grandma saying we were Cherokee Indian princesses...whether it's true or not, a girl can dream right?

As for trendspotting: BOLO TIES (another family influenced item I have been wearing since middle school)
Get them at the thrift store while you can, or raid your grandpas old stuff, they're hiding (for cheap) somewhere. 

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