Sunday, January 8, 2012

Style Spotlight: Nicole Cataland

I am looking to explore other peoples opinions on style and what it takes to have a thought provoking sense of style. How does one actually use clothing and appearance to express oneself? Has the purity of personal style been tainted? Is fashion in the 21st century contrived?

I went to my gorgeous friend Nicole Cataland to find out.

These Vans sunglasses are fail-proof. Only $10.00 too!

Nicole Cataland: Just took down 5 pounds of fried rice, lets party.
Bryn Newman: Great!
So back to the first question, in your own words define what 'style' is.
N: I think style encompasses a far deal more than just fashion, its in a sense the effort that a person makes to be perceived .. the attitude and energy they emit to everyone around them.

B: Agreed. Its about instinct, presence, and knowledge of what looks good.
If you had to describe your style in 3 words what would they be?
N: Hmm id like to think i can be audacious yet demure.. for the third one i guess ill go with idiosyncratic.
(im having fun with this)

B: I knew after a full tummy you might.
any celebrity crushes when it comes to fashion or 'style presence'?
N: I could go on for days listing my infatuations but let me try to pull one in particular. Will I be judged for lesbian crushes?

B: Absolutely not. Lets do one guy one girl?
N: Guy: David Bowie. Girl: Francoise Hardy
Reason: Leather. A lot of it. And bit chin attitude

B: Both vital. How would you day your style has evolved, oh lets say, since freshman year?
N: This is challenging. I've never recognized myself to be labeled any particular style. I sort of think I've always just had an eye for things I liked and went for it.. not really ever striving to be different, just went with what I felt like and kinda indifferent if it was what anyone else was doing.. but I guess there has been an advancement with progressively using fashion to express my personality.. that sounds so generic shoot me haha. The concept style I'm playing with now is challenging the social boundaries regarding my age.. I enjoy the entertainment of maybe dressing slightly suggestive with a naive charisma...don't tell my mom.
I'm cracking myself up. I'm not sure how I feel with any of this being published to the internet.

B: Ah I never knew you were being so deliberate when you wore such ensembles.
If there were a book written about you what would the title be?
N: "Young and Jaded"

B: Of course. What is your next must have purchase and//or dream splurge?

B: Ah the search for the perfect pair of heels never seems to be over for us.
N: 'tis perilous.

B: As for fashion, music, the arts, etc. How do you see them playing out for you in the future?
N: I've been working on projects here and there over the years and I do have a desire to actually create something (literal and metaphorically). But I'm trying to be strategic about it and not put myself out there unless I have a significant statement to make. I can't place any sort of date on when that will happen.. but one day.. you'll see.
This high-waisted, mid-calf length, velvet skirt is a Goodwill purchase to die for.

B: And I'll probably beg you to let me be involved.
So thanks for giving me some of your precious time to pester you with questions.
Perhaps one day this blog will be significant and you can say you were the first to be interviewed.
N: Shweet. No prob. I'm going to go get seconds now on lo mien. l8r bb.
Nicole is always a delight. Now if only I could convince her to start lookbooking. But she's too perfectly detached for something like that and I respect her for that so very much. Hence why it's no surprise she has a Facebook one day but not the next. So goes it with her phone and so on. I can't wait to watch this girl grow up. She may very well be the smartest person I know and she succeeds with everything she tries.


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