Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Today's look was tossed together in a matter of minutes. Waking up at one o'clock in the afternoon with a lunch date between 1-3 really hampered my daily routine for getting ready. But for some reason this look came together perfectly. The earth tones made it a go to day look that accentuated my green eyes. Wow do I feel like a narcissist saying something like that, but hey, its true.

On the other hand I hate it when tights are somewhat see-through, they don't photograph well and are actually quite unflattering captured in a picture, but thats all apart of the learning curve of fashion photography I guess.

Anyways as for styling, I have found that simple slips paired with crochet tops and sweaters make a delightful combination. Yet another combination I have been drooling over is socks and boots. Especially Sorels and socks, but in Florida wearing a pair of snow boots would be absurd. I'll have to stick with my faux fur combat boots from modcloth until I get back to Boulder.

The weather has finally cooled down. The wet bone chilling North Florida cold has begun to seep through my windows and freeze my little toes. At least it is sunny and I can pile on layers to shed while walking through the town center, drinking my toffee nut coffee, and contemplating if I want to spend $25.00 on Polaroid film. As I strolled, I throughly considered the Urban Outfitters employees, and how if they work at such a prestigious clothing shop, why do they not know anything about their companies projects or collaborations? I walked in looking for Polaroid film because I had read that Urban Outfitters was teaming up with The Impossible Project and the lady starred at my blankly and made me feel like an idiot. Why would anyone go about treating a customer like that? "Well we get shipments everyday, if you have heard something like that I'm not sure where you heard it. Come back next week and check" (Cue: condescending//I work at this hip ass place smile)

Dang it. I went there a year ago asking about this and I got the same reaction. I am so sick of some of their employees acting like they are better than you. I guess you approach that wherever you go though. People are too attached to their egos to want to encourage one another or learn from one another.

On another note from watching behind the scenes styling and modeling casting calls, how the hell did they afford that much polaroid film?! And the things I would do to get my hands on all of those photos! You could do some fantastic things with those pictures. (Cue: my mind going a million different directions with DIY polaroid ideas)

Now I am distracted and I am off to Art Walk downtown.

Here is a song that I really like by a band called The Cave Singers.

This silver cuff is to DIE for. I received two of them from my aunt for Christmas. They were my grandma's in high school. I love love love silver Sante Fe inspired jewelry.


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