Monday, February 20, 2012

wise like an angel's wise

I wanted to wear this outfit out to a party this weekend but the collared shirt made it too preppy for an evening out in Boulder, so I ditched the undershirt and wore just the sweater promising I would lookbook the outfit later. (A promise I make to myself way too often and never follow through with.)
But I actually did it! And the outfit was perfect for my coffee && meeting with a lovely woman from Career Services here at CU. This look is put together but still has the edge I like to believe I have.

This little guy was a pain in the butt to make because I had to wait for shipments from all over the place but overall I am pleased with the results. I am tempted to make a video of me making one and walking you guys through it or I might just take pictures and explain each step. Depends on how I feel this week. This sort of thing comes really easy to me so I hope I can help explain it well. 

P.S. keep an eye on my etsy I will be posting all sorts of treats to sell this week and weekend. >.<

Keep it classy


Oh and this is the song that the look is titled after....if a boy ever sings this song to me I will marry him on the spot. 


  1. you look lovely, the spiked ear cuff is amazing!!! :)
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