Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rocky Mountain Whispers

The thing about Boulder, Colorado is....there is not a damned chick-fil-a in sight. It really tears at my heart strings. I love myself some chicky so when my friend David offered to drive myself and my chick-fil-a virgin friends to this sacred place I immediately cleared my schedule. Not only did I nom my face off but we went and took pictures off the side of the highway. They came out really nicely and they capture the essence of Boulder. Peace.

Such a lovely weekend. Its windy but it is still sunny and beautiful.

Keep a look out for all of the jewelry I will be posting on my etsy tomorrow!

Also look at the rest of David Zimmerman's work. He is great.




  1. This is gorgeous! Love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? x

  2. Love the knit! great pictures!

    Scarr xx