Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Song

I feel a tad bit silly clad in nearly all Urban Outfitters but I am okay with it because this dress makes me feel like a princess it was only $20! I borrowed the oversized sweater my roommate//Sweater Addicts Anonymous member Beccah Baskin (who I hope to photograph and interview this weekend). I bought these bone crushing combat boots on sale at Urban as well. Deena and Ozzy combat boots for only $30! Gasp. Lust. Love.
I wear them with everything now. All in all this outfit made me feel like a whimsical goth princess and I was really into it. If only we could have found an enchanted forest to shoot in. The drama of this outfit is kind of lost in the photos in my opinion but they are still neat.

My lipstick is COVERGIRL's Embrace which I ombre'd with a light pink on the bottom lip.

I also just got a wide angle fisheye lens attachment that is super fun to play with. It adds so much movement to the photos. Not sure If I will use it do lookbook pictures again but it definitely spices up my photos in general. Check out some other photos testing my new toy out here.

To listen to the song this look was named after check out my tumblr.

Coming soon: DIY ear cuffs!! Almost all the supplies are in so once I get the last shipment of spikes I will have a post about my jewelery making.

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