Thursday, April 12, 2012

Studs and Spring

This collar may have caused a loss of blood and some sore fingers, but it was worth it. I have always had this shirt in my closet and it just sat there. I would wear it sometimes but it didn't quite have that edge I love. So when I was perusing tumblr ( and I saw a collar like this, I knew it was time to take out the studs I had been saving. A few minutes and a bloody finger nail later I had totally revamped this shirt into something completely new. Sort of. Actually as I am typing this I realized I should definitely add more studs to the top part of the pocket. Drats. I wish I had thought of that before taking the photos.

Back to the other pieces in the outfit, these are the best leggings I own. They have an almost indescribable texture the best way to describe them is they are as soft as a baby's bottom.

And Finally, everything I wore in this outfit was under $10.00
You know what they say...ball so hard ___________.




  1. likeee your blog dear!!
    keep posting and go for it <3


  2. hey girl a short question how do you make the lights in your photos? with what kind of programm? i look forward to your reply because im searching to long for do those things in my pictures

    1. I edit my photos on iphoto or pixlr or picnic and I collage them with StarTych. I also shoot with a canon 50D and do manual lighting and settings according to the light around me.