Friday, April 27, 2012

cos they came out of the sunshine, flowers nestled in their hair

Thank god I got to take some pictures today. It has been way too long, I forgot how much joy it brings me. This is my friend Isabel Kieszkowski, she is Polish, stylish as hell, and freaking adorable. Take a look at her blog and her lookbook! oh and tumblr
Also, Boy & Bear is a band that my friend, who is on exchange from Australia, told me about today. They are based out of Sydney and according to him amazing live. They remind me of Fleet Foxes infused with something else I can't quite put my finger on...goodness I have had their album Moonfire on repeat all day and their EP With Emperor Antarctica. Gah. Happy friday.Now let's hope I survive moving out and finals week.xxBryn

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  1. Great shots and I love this look.
    Great blog you have, check mine if you like