Friday, May 18, 2012


hint: if you click on one photo it will take you into an onscreen slideshow//album, like how facebook does it.

Brigitte Bardot has always been a style icon for me. She goes from sexy to "I was just sitting on my dock outside of my cabin in a sundress and sunhat" with such ease. She is the epitome of timeless perfection.  Her look was so reminiscent of Guess' recent 30 Sexy Years campaign that it would be a shame not to do a Brigitte inspired shoot for this contest. Win or lose I am glad my mother convinced me to do this shoot with her. I was completely out of my element but it was an adventure and it was fun putting on the makeup and teasing my hair (I never do my hair or makeup this extreme). Though I am a bit embarrassed posting these, my no shame attitude comes in play pretty intensely right now. Some people might say that is a bad thing but hell, why live trying to please a generation you didn't even get along with in the first place? Don't get me wrong I appreciate everything my generation has to offer but I LIVE for The Talking Heads, The Doors, Niel Young, and The Rolling Stones. Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Louis Armstrong, and Etta James hold such sacred places in my heart. I have been called an old soul since the age of 8 so there is really no telling how old I actually am now. That being said doing this shoot made me yearn for an afternoon blaring vinyls and taking film photographs, it made me realize that living a life of an easy rider is perfectly acceptable, I don't always have to be running from place to place. I feel as if my genration has loss something in a sense due to that, there is a hum, and they always have to be busy or with a group of friends. What happened to relaxing and listening to records all day, alone or with friends? Why do we always have to distract ourselves with mindless chatter? 
Now if you see where I am going I think it would be clear that I am saying we could learn something from the olden days. We could find out our Heritage is actually quite saturated with memories and timeless style. I think it is time to look back, 30 years, or even more. 



  1. Wow,you look great! Love these photos!

  2. You look gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! x