Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remington Pistol Pants Newman

Going back home for the summer means one thing, okay maybe two or three; thrifting, the beach, and my dad's cooking. My favorite thing to do on a sticky afternoon in Florida is thrifting. There is something so thrilling and rebellious about finding a item that a store like Urban Outfitters or American Apparel sells for fifty dollars, and finding it for less than five dollars. I get such a kick out of it, and my wallet really loves it as well. I can keep up with trends on a college students budget. The majority of this outfit comes from the Goodwill in Jacksonville Beach, my go to spot. My friend Nicole and I plan on hitting most of the Goodwills out here in North Florida this summer and perhaps by the end of the journey we will have a new "spot". I know my Goodwill back in Boulder, Colorado is very hit or miss, but the Jacksonville Beach one never lets me leave empty handed. She is so kind to me and everyone that works there is a gem.

Anyways, as for accessories and my outfit goes; my dog Remi probably stands out the most, she is full of spit and vinger and rarely participates for photos, so I am in awe I could even get her to be facing the camera.

Sunglasses - Pitya - $10
Purse - American Angel - Goodwill - Under $5
Bullet//Crystal Necklace - Jacksonville Art Walk - $18 (will be doing a DIY of this soon)
Salmon Cropped Top - Goodwill - Under $5
Belt - Borrowed
Pleated Ankle Length Skirt - Goodwill - Under $5 (super comfortable)
Gladiator Sandals - Target - From 6th grade - I don't even remember
Silver Cuff - Vintage - Grandma's from Sante Fe



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