Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All I wanna do is make you dance with me

Making this flower headpiece was a pain in the butt and I highly recommend not going about it the way that I did. I wove it together using the wire on the fake flowers. Perhaps hot glue, thinner wire, and felt would have been a wiser choice. I do recommend on the other hand to stop by your local dollar store to get your flowers if you plan to make one of these. I got tons of flowers and this headpiece only cost me some time, sore finger tips, and a few bucks! Oh and if you don't already own a pair get some Rainbows. All of my friends had a pair growing up but I never invested in a pair myself. Finally at 18 years old I did and I cannot stop wearing them. The soft leather, thick straps, and the way they mold to your feet make them the ideal shoe. Whether I am going to the beach, walking around town, or just need a break from my combat boots, my new Rainbows are flawless. I also think you should all go out and frolic a bit. Turn on some funky jams and spin around in your room or your front yard. Get some friends together and go to an obscure concert and get weird. Life is far too serious way too often. Lets lighten up and live everyday like it is Coachella. Okay, maybe minus some of the partying, but embrace the festival spirit this summer, go on adventures, and put some flowers on your head, and GET WEIRD  this summer. Because, hell, why not?

Dress - Swimsuit Cover Up - Marshalls
Flip Flops - Rainbow
Floral Headpiece- DIY
Sunnies - Forever 21
Jewelry - Stone Fox

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