Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my country tis of "oh my god there's the new cute neighbor"

If I could even begin to show you how ugly this jean jacket was when I found it ast goodwill, you wouldn't believe it. And you, like me, would likely almost pass it up. But then you would go back, see how soft it is, take a closer look at the patchwork, and realize the atrocity someone committed on this jacket could be undone. Oh thank god I snapped a few pics on my phone...look at is so tacky.

So I decided to spend a strangely entertaining hour seem ripping these patches off (I'm the type of person that enjoys untangling necklaces, Virgo much?).
Then I took the flag bandana that I was going to put over some embroidery my mother did on her vintage Lee jean jacket and put it on this soft cheap meaningless jacket.
Win, Win.
I might add some studs here and there, perhaps even some patches. We'll see. 

 So then I start thinking this jacket will be great for Nasty Gal's instagram contest and I grab my DIY floral headband, my new DIY jacket, some sunnies, slap on some red lips, and hand my mom my camera. And as I am running outside in a prance clad in some faux leather pants...I have my first encounter with the cute new neighbor my mom mentioned. He was riding his bike by and I freeze, I look at my mom, and we are thrown into a fit of laughter. I exclaim, " MOM, please tell me that wasn't him, he was actually just my type, I am so embarrassed!" We continue to giggle but pause to observe how utterly perfect the light is, tropical storm Debbie had finally ceased her showers and the golden sun came out.
'merica f*ck yea


  1. love your jacket, it's so cool
    you have great style
    that floral headpiece is beautiful

  2. Love these photos! You look great!