Friday, July 20, 2012

off the deep end

Get yourselves dancing because it is July and why the hell not, download this funky summer mixtape here.
Ever since I died my hair purple on a crazy whim, I have been trying to "grunge it down" with everything I wear but it was getting difficult because all I wanted to wear on my feet were my docs. I wanted to balance the punk hair with something lacy and girly. Then earlier this week the shopping gods led me to this dress as I was birthday shopping for my brother (he's going to be 23, we are getting so old!). It was inexpensive and perfect, I can't wait to wear it with my army jacket and my american flag jean jacket once it cools down. This headdress was sooo much easier to make than my last, I hot glued some fake flowers from the dollar store onto pieces of felt, and the glued those to a plastic headband, easy peasy and so much cheaper than the nasty gal ones (sorry nasty gal, I still love you though). As for the hair color I used manic panic purple haze and my friend spread it through the ends of my hair, its coming out loads when I wash it which is good because I want it to turn lilac as soon as possible. 

Hey, its almost the end of summer, so my advice is go down the rabbit, experience life, stop worrying about anything anyone else thinks or does, follow that scheming smile of your inner chesire cat. 

Adorable wristlet from Asos I got for going out, I hate lugging a purse around.


  1. Love your blog! I hope you can check out my blog sometimes.


  2. You look great! Love your dress!