Friday, July 27, 2012

python spine

Sorry if the editing of photos has been too gaudy lately. I am so sick of bland photos and I kind of find these dramatic edits enticing. If I were to continue to discuss clothes I would tell you how much I adore this dress and how I feel like a dramatic daring actress striding down the red carpet when I wear it. I bought it for the Dillon Francis show I went to in Orlando. It was a purchase I passed up on and then made a u-turn five minutes down to road to go back and get it. I'm happy I did because it is the coolest dress I own now, and it was only sixteen dollars.

As for something interesting to discuss I caught myself saying to my manager leaving work, "People are crazy, and I don't understand them," then I turned right back around and said "actually I definitely understand them, I just wish they understood it themselves."

Which reminds me of a post I keep seeing on my tumblr dashboard, it flows along the lines of this, "I'd rather date someone (batshit) crazy, who openly admits it, than someone who stuffs it away and is about to explode at any moment."

Actually it doesn't go much like that at all, but I know thats what they mean. And I agree, we are all nuts, why not embrace it.

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