Tuesday, July 10, 2012

scary things

Hey this vogue made it on teen vogues snap shot blog! check it out.

Thank you. 
$40 dollar doc martens...need I say more?
I found this t-shirt in my brothers old bureau and it is the real deal, its a Special Service Group Pakistan Navy shirt, my dad does some business with Pakistan and his coworker brought this home but apparently my brother didn't like it or it was too tight so I decided to cut it up and make it into a crop top. 

My thoughts are being clouded right now by my ornate belief that we shouldn't give a damn about what others think about the way we dress, the things we do, and so on. (I.D.G.A.F.O.S) I have strong feelings that if something makes you happy, do more of it. Don't take that the wrong way I don't think we should all become crack heads, we should just strive to operate at the highest possible frequency that suits ourselves. What I mean is, if you like surfing, surf more, if you like taking photographs, take more pictures, and if you like cooking, cook more. Who is to tell you, that your happiness is the wrong happiness? 
Which brings me to my thoughts from the past couple weeks....
Blogging, styling, and doing all of this stuff that I do makes me happy...I love, in a sense, being indie. I can't really help it, I have ALWAYS been this way since I was in 5th grade...not kidding. It is not something I do to gain attention for being different, it is not a cry for help, it is purely me. BUT I have to admit I am only confident to an extent. I do give some fucks and shits (I hope you get my Dillon Francis references) I tone it down on somedays and turn it up on others but if anyone ever wants me to change for them, I won't do it. I at least hope I wouldn't, but the scariest thing is...one day I might...and I might start suppressing the indigo child that I am, so that someone or everyone will finally accept me.
And that is my worst fear...
So I continue to do what I do hoping that it will pay off...I pray that I will get my dream job and I will be lucky enough to be the weirdo that I am for a LIVING. 
This will only happen if I am lucky and I don't give up.

But like I said the scariest thing is I would give it up, or I can see myself giving it up....and "it" means much more than you think. 


  1. ah, that is animal print done right! xo.

  2. Cool outfit! Love your top!

  3. Love this outfit and love your blog! Perfect accessories and amazing sheer skirt. Im following you now girl! xx Natalie