Saturday, September 8, 2012

game day

Here we go again!
Getting settled has been ridiculous, and it has been so hot I haven't even though of wearing anything other than shorts and tees.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspiration post

I cannot even put into words how inspiring Tim Walker's work is to me. Absolutely breath taking and so whimsical. 
end of story.
I really need to get up off my ass and go do something creative. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seventeen U visits University of Colorado

So I am obviously going to start out by saying GO BUFFS. I love my school so much. Even though the heat is driving me crazy, being back in the place I belong cools me off mentally. 

Working for this event was the most hectic day of my entire life. Not necessarily because of the work but because of my schedule that day. I woke up at the crack of dawn, no before the crack of dawn, headed to campus at 4:45 am to start setting up for the event. We unpackaged swag and other prizes, set up tables and table cloths, and made sure everything looked like the presentation packages we were given. It was nice because it was cool out. Then the workers started rolling in around 8 am and the sun began to bombard us with its glorious and double-crossing heat. My job was to check girls in and out, clock their hours, put them on breaks, answer any questions, and so on. It was easy and a great learning experience. The most shocking part was looking at the sign in sheet and seeing "Assistant Tour Manager" under my name, now I am going to humbly admit I did not deserve a title like that whatsoever, but I was come over with a childlike excitement when I saw that. 

The rest of the day went smoothly we handed out free gifts from Seventeen U and their sponsors and entered students into some really great contests for free school supplies, cool swag from The Container Store, Pink and Pepper shoes, Silver jeans, and Vera Bradley accessories, plus many more. There was a spin wheel to win Paul Mitchell hair products and Ralph Lauren Big Pony perfume. Okay I think you sort of get what was going on, you might be like me and many of the other people who walked by and said "Why are they doing this?" and you just have to take the response, "Because Seventeen U is the coolest."

Here are so quick photos from the event:

Some of the lovely ladies from Seventeen U making sure everything was ran efficiently.

Free Pink and Pepper flips and shades, these were gone in no time.
Their illustrations for their company make me swoon.

The style wall looking great, I had never heard of Pink and Pepper but their shoes were just trendy enough and affordable too.

The girls from Silver Jeans at the Denim Bar were entering students into contests for free jeans as well as getting the style and fit of jeans girls on campus like most.

A great variety of washes and fits, flare or skinny they have the jeans you want.

Worker bees working hard.

This was the coolest part in my opinion about the Seventeen U event, it was a prize wheel that drove the students in, and while supplies lasted we gave out full bottles of Big Pony, Splat hair dye, Seventeen iPad cases, and more.

Finally Paul Mitchell had their "Truth About Curls" campaign under the tent. A few girls with some sexy curls went around campus finding other girls with bouncy hair and asked them questions about what they loved and hated about their hair. Their shirts said "Will you be my curl-fried" - so clever. Then the girls got to interview the ladies they "wrangled" in on camera and the video will be posted on Paul Mitchell's Truth About Curls website, it is worth a peep no doubt. 

So after a gruesomely tiring day at work here, I sprinted (no joke) home tried to changed into something presentable, tried to stop perspiring, ran to my friends car, and booked it to my interview with The Rooster Magazine, a local campus//city magazine. I made it in time, and somehow got the internship. I am so excited for this year. I already went to my first day on friday, a tad tired from the birthday festivities the night before, and the guys were funny, laid back, intelligent, sarcastic, and all around perfect to be employed by.

All that matters is these moments, right now.