Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh man

The next two weeks are really going to be miserable with school getting hectic, working two jobs, and my two best friends leaving me for the weekend to go visit their homes. Not to even begin to mention the fact that I have felt like literal shit creatively (cue ugly grimace on my part). So without the time to do something creative I really think I might lose it. Actually, no, I lost it a long time ago. 

Sanity aside, it is October (cue comment about how time flies), and that means the leaves are changing colors, Colorado is more beautiful than ever, the temperatures make you want to go on long walks, and I get to wear more black, AND BEANIES. YESSS. 
Oh lawd and Halloween is this month and I get to see The XX, so even if I am in a creative rut, life isn't too shabby. 

Annnnnnnd this is what I wore to work today.
Bad ass pants - Jolt
Spiked Necklace - Stone Fox Style
Pyramid Medallion - Brandy Melville
Bracelets - Stone Fox Style
Booties - Mossimo
Shirt - Cotton On

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