Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall 2012 Semester

Creative writing for non fiction was one of my favorite classes, perhaps I'll share a story one day on here but with this being so public I wouldn't want to offend anyone I write about, but that's inevitable in the future so....(warning: never get on a writers bad side but, on the other hand they say you never die if you know a writer).

Back to the point, take a look at the websites and stop motion video I made for Digital Art!

(This is my Technology Arts and Media portal, which is a home page for everything that I do that I made when I applied for my minor)

(This is the site I made for Digital Media class that contains all of the projects we did throughout the semester)

And this ladies and gentlemen is the stop motion I made that I really shouldn't have but our giant pet bear is just too funny to not document.

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