Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Saved by the Blog

Style Spotlight: Marisa Milisic
 aka my partner in crime

Our boss said her flannel made her look like Larry the Cable Guy. Which is true if Larry the cable whatever was a good looking 20 year old girl. 

Marisa's style is ever evolving, much like mine, maybe that's why we get along, yay chameleons. 

You see her dressed like a grunge goddess by day, as seen here, and by night she transforms into a sex kitten. Reigning from San Diego, Whale's Vagina, or what have you, Marisa tip toes on the boundaries of hip, trendy, indie, hippie, and whatever other label you want to slap on someone. Marisa wears whatever the hell she pleases, which is something that should inspire any stone fox. It's not about wearing whatever Nasty Gal recently added to their site, nor is it about wearing something just fashionable enough to skate by. It's about having the confidence to take it the step further, and if wearing a sleeveless Larry the Cable Guy flannel is what it takes, then you go Glenn Coco. 

Anyways this Croatian cutie is pretty dope and maybe one day I'll actually interview her, instead of rant about her (because I have a big lesbian crush on her) while inserting awkward movie allusions. 

See what I did there? 

GET IN THE WATER, wait what?
It's late. Things are getting weird.

Beanie: Burton
Skeleton Hand Tank: UNIF
Flannel: Larry the Cable Guy, right off his back.
Leather Jacket: Silence and Noise
Leggings: I am too lazy to text her and ask
Moto Boots: Report (I REALLY WANT THESE)

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