Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beach Baby

Whenever I am home I find myself overflowing with creativity. This shoot was so much fun. I think it's because my mom is so supportive and loves coming along on these little adventures of mine. She's in no doubt my best friend. It's hard to even see her as my mother sometimes. 

She told me the other day,"You know I think we are connected on another level. Yeah in this life I'm your mother but in another, who knows maybe you'll be mine." 

I am so blessed to be her daughter in this life or any other. She raised me so well, though I of course am just as screwed up as any other, I am incredibly grateful to have this whimsical mother. She is such a talented artist and without her encouragement I would never have the attitude and confidence I have today. 

She is such a free spirit and all I want is for her to be happy. I love her dearly. She has been with me since day one of these shoots and together we have grown. After every one we both get so excited, "This was the best one yet!" Just like my father says after almost every meal he cooks. 

Like father, like wife, like daughter. 
Oh and then there's my 23 year old brother...he fits in there somewhere. 

I never have really expressed emotions on here regarding my family, maybe it's the holidays or maybe it's the seventy degree sunny weather getting to me, but they're amazing. The greatest people I know, and I can't wait for everyone from my life in Boulder to meet them. 

Enough of the ramble, lets talk clothes.

This is one of my purchases from winning a $500 gift card to Billabong from their Loobook Summer Style contest. I am really ecstatic I won because I always go into surf shops when I am back home in Florida and sort of cry because I want all of the beachy surf clothes but I can't often afford them. So upon winning the giftcard I went on my inner flower child shopping spree and got this ever so sweet dress, along with many other hippy inspired pieces (thank god because I can never stick with one style as you can tell from my varying posts).

You'll be seeing a lot of posts featuring my new Billabong pieces so stay tuned!

Shoes: Doc Martens (Won them on Ebay though!)
Flower Headband: DIY (Hot Glue, Dollar Store Flowers, Felt, Plastic Headband)
Accessories: Nikon FM2


oh get a laugh!

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