Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my country tis of "oh my god there's the new cute neighbor"

If I could even begin to show you how ugly this jean jacket was when I found it ast goodwill, you wouldn't believe it. And you, like me, would likely almost pass it up. But then you would go back, see how soft it is, take a closer look at the patchwork, and realize the atrocity someone committed on this jacket could be undone. Oh thank god I snapped a few pics on my phone...look at is so tacky.

So I decided to spend a strangely entertaining hour seem ripping these patches off (I'm the type of person that enjoys untangling necklaces, Virgo much?).
Then I took the flag bandana that I was going to put over some embroidery my mother did on her vintage Lee jean jacket and put it on this soft cheap meaningless jacket.
Win, Win.
I might add some studs here and there, perhaps even some patches. We'll see. 

 So then I start thinking this jacket will be great for Nasty Gal's instagram contest and I grab my DIY floral headband, my new DIY jacket, some sunnies, slap on some red lips, and hand my mom my camera. And as I am running outside in a prance clad in some faux leather pants...I have my first encounter with the cute new neighbor my mom mentioned. He was riding his bike by and I freeze, I look at my mom, and we are thrown into a fit of laughter. I exclaim, " MOM, please tell me that wasn't him, he was actually just my type, I am so embarrassed!" We continue to giggle but pause to observe how utterly perfect the light is, tropical storm Debbie had finally ceased her showers and the golden sun came out.
'merica f*ck yea

Sunday, June 24, 2012

old old old

Those are little skulls by the quartz! buy it here

Thursday, June 21, 2012

so this is what its like

If I could own every Truly Madly Deeply and Daydreamer LA shirt I think I would be eternally happy. Materialistic? Nah. Obsessed with being comfortable and stylish? Yes. 

Just messing around and exploring...really in love with my new chelsea boots from forever 21 and this comfy Truly Madly Deeply oversized tee. One size fits all might be my new favorite size? 
Urban Outfitters just had a sale and I got my first shirts from TMD and Daydreamer LA. The shirts drape perfectly and are made of the softest fabric. These large shirts go so well with black cigarette pants and chelsea boots, I could wear the same outfit nearly every day and not mind. 

Booties - Forever 21
Big T - Truly Madly Deeply - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Bongo - Goodwill

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All I wanna do is make you dance with me

Making this flower headpiece was a pain in the butt and I highly recommend not going about it the way that I did. I wove it together using the wire on the fake flowers. Perhaps hot glue, thinner wire, and felt would have been a wiser choice. I do recommend on the other hand to stop by your local dollar store to get your flowers if you plan to make one of these. I got tons of flowers and this headpiece only cost me some time, sore finger tips, and a few bucks! Oh and if you don't already own a pair get some Rainbows. All of my friends had a pair growing up but I never invested in a pair myself. Finally at 18 years old I did and I cannot stop wearing them. The soft leather, thick straps, and the way they mold to your feet make them the ideal shoe. Whether I am going to the beach, walking around town, or just need a break from my combat boots, my new Rainbows are flawless. I also think you should all go out and frolic a bit. Turn on some funky jams and spin around in your room or your front yard. Get some friends together and go to an obscure concert and get weird. Life is far too serious way too often. Lets lighten up and live everyday like it is Coachella. Okay, maybe minus some of the partying, but embrace the festival spirit this summer, go on adventures, and put some flowers on your head, and GET WEIRD  this summer. Because, hell, why not?

Dress - Swimsuit Cover Up - Marshalls
Flip Flops - Rainbow
Floral Headpiece- DIY
Sunnies - Forever 21
Jewelry - Stone Fox