Tuesday, July 31, 2012

etsy baby

I am also really trying to at least make back the money it cost to buy all of my new supplies, I have more stuff coming for you that is the coolest of cool but I really need to break even my loves. 
Stay sexy
Stay sly

I don't just sit around and blog all day

sometimes my friends get old and have birthday parties.
Here are some pics from it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

that tropical high

sneak peek

Just have to have a friend model everything and all of this stuff will be for sale!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

exit through the golf course

Exit through the beach club, exit through suburbia, just exit.

When I bought this jacket I encountered such a lovely experience. I went to the local army navy surplus and was greeted by the most sincere customer service, a man around my parents age helped me find the perfect camo jacket for me, while treating me with such chivalry. I sort of like doing everything on my own when I'm shopping but the man was so sweet and helpful I couldn't say no. Then when I got in the car to drive home I began tearing up, why? Well one, I am full of a lot of feelings, and two I strongly support my troops. I am a prideful american, I love my country, and I love the men and women who protect me and so many others. Now I know some might say wearing a piece of uniform mocks the men and women that serve me but, I disagree. I wear this in honor of them, I wear this because someone once wore it while flying a plane, or servicing an air force plane engine. I don't even care what they were doing but I hold this jacket in my arms now, and it once was a part of someones everyday uniform, someones everyday sacrifice, and ladies and gents, that's why I cried. I cried because I own something that is now very sentimental to me. I wear this because of the person that used to fill it. I wear it because it has a legacy.