Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mödernaked - Inspiration for the Day

I recently came across this shop through We Are Selectors' tumblr. This Spanish company is really unique, and in my opinion has a soft edginess to it that makes me swoon. Here are a few of my favorite products from the site, I could kill someone for a pair of their oxfords. Make sure you check them out yourselves on their website, here!

"Mödernaked sounds swedish, but it´s a spanish brand 
    Mödernaked is not a porn site 
    Mödernaked is not H&M nor Zara 
    Mödernaked does not have a marketing department (we won´t be surprised if you never heard of us!)
    Mödernaked does not have a sales department 
    Mödernaked thinks that people are wonderful (sometimes) 
    Mödernaked is not commun 
    Mödernaked listens to music all the time 
    Mödernaked dances all the time too 
    Mödernaked loves the little things in life 
    Mödernaked does not take drugs to create her designs 
    Mödernaked drinks 2 liters of H2O everyday 
    Mödernaked can be addictive 
    Mödernaked makes mistakes (big and small) 
    Mödernaked never loses the chance to go on vacation 
    Mödernaked loves happy ending"

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