Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Scrubs

This song has been on repeat in my apartment the past few days. I don't usually obsess over music and play songs ad nauseum but this one is my exception, and Alt-J's entire album.

So in other news, I dyed my hair brown, which I am not 100% happy with but that's because I have been a blonde or nearly a blonde my entire life. I'm already determined to find a way to go back but I am going to fly my brunette flag for a few more weeks because it's winter, and why the hell not.

As for clothes...

Hat - Rubi (cotton on)
Sweater - DIY crop Columbia
Skull Button Down - LuLus
Shoes - Converse with screw in spike detail - 
(SUPER EASY DIY - they fit right into the shoelace holes!)