Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Ghostess with the Mostest

After spending weeks looking for the right round sunglasses and oversized hat for Coachella, I have alas found them, two weeks too late. Nonetheless I found what I was looking for and I think I might form a great relationship with this hat. It is often hard for me to find a hat that fits my head, either they sit on the back of it and blow off in the wind or I am constantly fussing with the dang hat because it feels like it is going to fall off. Thus, this hat was godsend for my abnormally large cabasa (it's my extremely round face and insanely large brain). 

♫ She Stuck a revolt pin in her hat and called it ~*wasted youth*~ 

All jokes aside, Betelgeuse is the man and there's no denying that. There is also no denying that buying a mystery grab bag of shirts is scary yet also exciting. Remember those mystery bags of "girl" toys and "boy" toys at the Dollar Tree? Well A. I always bought the boy grab bag (because I have identity issues with admitting that I am actually girly) and B. When I was told that Blood is the New Black offered the same deal but in a big kid version, I dove at the opportunity. And lucky for me, the deal was five "boyfriend" fit tees for $25, meaning that I didn't exactly have to choose girl or boy, I got a mixture of both. Out of the five shirts I only loathed one, it had a butterfly on it, sorry (foot in mouth grimace face).  The other four were artistically inspired, intrigued me photographically, or were just plain funny. And ever since these wonderfully scoopy loose tees came in, I have had them on a constant day to day rotation. I wouldn't lie, they're fantastic. Take the gamble yourself, you won't regret it. (Even as I return to the website to get the link I am tempted to do it again). What in the hell are you waiting for, do it

Hat - Buffalo Exchange Boulder
Revolt Pin - Buffalo Exchange Boulder
Sunnies - Buffalo Exchange Boulder
Beetlejuice Shirt - Blood is the New Black
Pants - Borrowed (but find a similar pair here, here, and here)
Sandals - Cotton On

For some reason or another this photo makes me laugh so much, I look like a worm.

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