Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Featured Trend: Statement Necklaces

Be One of a Kind with Kleines Blond

➳egyptian structure ➳african inspired ➳vintage stype ➳handmade in florida

 Have you ever looked future success in the face? It's a rare, but every once in awhile there will be that person that you knew from home or from school, and you have this gut feeling they are going to do something with their lives. This recently happened to me with my dear friend Casey Huth. This hilarious little blonde fashion guru, full of spit and vinegar, recently started making these killer statement necklaces.
Now, we all know that statement necklaces are the trend of the summer, but these tribal boho inspired beauties are unique enough to make any stylish girl want to give up an arm. I have witnessed a plethora of young girls lately who are teetering on the edge of daring, they are wearing short necklaces and I can see deep down that they want to go for it, but they are playing it safe. My advice? Screw that. Never play it safe, if you are going to wear statement jewelry (which you should) you might as well dive into the deep end and buy yourself one of these, before they go from $50 dollars to $1,000 when Casey, aka Kleines Blonde, makes it big. 

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