Friday, June 14, 2013

Items I'm Digging

For me Summer means beach, even if I am all the way in Colorado, I still want clothes I would wear on an evening stroll by the Florida ocean. I want a dress that I can imagine doused in seawater. Whether I was splashed or the tide caught me by surprise and caught the edges of my dress, I want clothes that sing wear me in paradise like the mythical sirens off in the distance. These clothes, especially this dress, (that also comes in a sandy taupe color) remind me of my home that I miss so much, the home that I took for granted. Living in paradise was a blessing, and though paradise can be found anywhere with the right state of mind, these few items bring me back to my days looking over the ocean with a tropical drink in hand. 

Wanette Sandals Aldo Sold Out

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