Friday, June 21, 2013

Stolen Paradise

The best thing about this dress is the fact that it remains sexy without the elements of a skintight bodycon dress. I find it hard to wear dresses and skirts where I constantly fear my ass is hanging out, some people can do it without a worry, and I'm positive no ones but is revealed in either scenario, but I am happy numbers like this exist for the sake of remaining sexy and sly. The second best thing about this dress are the sleeves. I don't know if it's because I was raised by hippie parents, or deep down I am from another era, but bell sleeve tunics and pants are my jam. This particular catty number is from Tobi, but I will link a few other bell sleeve dresses that make me swoon at the bottom of this post, along with my song of the day!



Enigma Bell Sleeve Lace Dress - ThreadSence

Any dress from 2DreamersBecome1 on Etsy (I want the middle as my wedding dress ha!)

Last but not least, the Kirksy Dress by Show Me Your Mumu (I want everything this company makes!)

Here's the song I promised.


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