Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Headdress

Right before Coachella I got into festival crafting mode, making body chains and flower crowns as well as feather headdresses and bracelet to ring pieces. My favorite item that came out of this creative spurt is this twig headdress. I knew I didn't want a classic headdress that looked like something you picked up from a costume shop, so I headed to the nearest Joanns and went straight to the flower department. I used a piece cloth wrapped wire and bought a bundle of sticks and a piece of ribbon to hide all of the loose ends. 

As I began piecing this together I know I wanted a piece of elastic to close the headdress so it would stay on my head if I wore it dancing around the fields of Coachella Valley. I hot glued a piece of a athletic headband to the cloth wire and wrapped leather rope around the edges to tightly secure the elastic. Then I began gluing feathers to the piece of cloth wrapped wire. Shorter feathers first, then taller. After the feathers were in place I started breaking my twigs into 5 inch pieces and gluing them sporadically behind the feathers. For a small touch you can add tiny feathers to the tops of a few twigs. When I felt as if I reached the right ratio of feather to twig I glued a piece of ribbon over the front to hide the stems of the feathers and twigs. But mind you we still need to assure comfort, so instead of having a bunch of twigs poking into my forehead I cut up an old tshirt and hot glued that to the inside edge of the cloth wire. And viola! 

To see how I styled this dramatic accessory look at my post here.



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