Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lust List Saturday

My problem is, if I don't go to work literally everyday (today I promised I would do some work from home even though it's Saturday) I spend way too much money. Tailored silk patterned shorts for $5, why not? Cat eye shades, hell ring em up! But when I do go to work, part of my job is to trend spot, which means I basically just build a list of a ton of stuff that I want that is way out of my budget. 

For example: gorgeous military trenches are my thing right now. Why you ask? Trench coats are pretty timeless and Cady Heron wore camo pants so we all wore camo pants (reference to the camo jacket trend, so grunge right now). BUT military trenches are different, they are structured and add the touch of high fashion that I have been digging lately. Perhaps my move to SF has changed me or maybe NYFW inspired me. So now I'm turning to the creme dela creme (top shelf ya know) to find items that are different but in the best way possible. Okay but enough with my references to mean girls and TI. 

The point is these coats are on my mind and I f*ckin love em.



  1. Brynn! It was wonderful meeting you and the Le Tote team today! I love what you have going on here on Sone Fox Style and of course, in real life. You are simply adorbs and I hope we cross paths again soon!
    xoxo, Bethann

    1. Yayy! I'm so glad you found me :) We'll definitely cross paths again. Your profile photo is so cute.

      I'll be sure to get your email for the blogger dinner we're putting together for LE TOTE!

  2. you love those coats because they are perfect! I would love to be able to hang one of this in my closet especially now when the weather is getting worse. Maybe i will stop eating, there is a chance i could aford something then :D x