Monday, November 4, 2013

The Wolf and Fox

On nearly every post on here I apologize for not being as present as I'd like to be and I discuss my new commitment to my beloved blog. Which I do want to do! I want to post on here more than once a month, and I promise I will. With a photographer boyfriend you'd think this would be possible! 

But I'm spending a lot of time at LE TOTE and I'm very happy doing similar things that I do for this blog, for them. Plus styling lookbooks and photoshoots isn't so bad :)

Here are a few photos from a project I was involved with this summer. I was asked to join a site called Dahlia Wolf, a site where you create inspiration "pins" and they design clothes based off of your inspirations. Then if yours gets picked, you get 5% of each sale of the item. It's amazing! 

So this kimono, called the Stone Fox Kimono, was created based off of my inspirations, and it sure is sexy and sly. 

Take a look at Dahlia Wolf's site and join in on the fun. Their concept is quite infatuating and they have some of the best bloggers joining in on the fun. It all seems so personal! 

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  1. AWESOME Look
    You're very pretty
    Nice boots and hat