Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute Gift Guide

I LOVE giving gifts. Even though this year I have only bought one, I have spent the past couple weeks (or months) putting together bookmarks of my most sought after gifts, for others. Here's a what I put together for everyone from your bosses to your brother. Take a look, and be sure to check out the Subscription options, these gifts can be bought the day of Christmas! Nothing is easier than that.

homemade gift ideas

Bosses- What's a better gift than something fun and delicious for your coworkers? Finding the right gift for your bosses is insanely difficult so stick to something savory and homemade. These Chocolate Spider Cookies made with Chow Mein noodles are a classic, I used to make these with my neighbors as a kid and I've never forgotten about them.
gifts for mom, anthropologie

Mom - She will love wrapping up in this  Anthropology Shawl. It can be worn all Christmas morning as she drinks her coffee, then can be thrown over something dressier for dinner.  Then gift her something handmade like this DIY Brown Sugar scrub. Try a sugar scrub with olive oil, I made this last winter and it did wonders for my dry skin! Plus all of the ingriedents are probably in your pantry already! I didn't even add a scent because I have sensitive skin but if you stop by a Michaels or JoAnnes craft store they will have concentrated scents in their candle departments!

hatchery gift subscription, last minute gift ideas,

 last minute gift ideas

Parents - Get them a taste of something fun! Hatchery sends spices, condiments, and fun cooking ingredients to your door every month. Gifting options start for as low as $20 per month, with free shipping! Pair this gift subscription with a natural wood cutting board and put their redemption code for their new subscription in the card with this tangible gift.

last minute gift ideas 

Boyfriend - My boyfriend travels a lot, and every guy needs a set of cool travel essentials. Get him this  Ralph Lauren Nylon Utility Duffel. And of course you can't go wrong with a Nixon watch...can't order by today? Try any local Surf shop and you'll definitely find one.

gifts for his parents, gifts for his mom, diy gift ideas, last minute gift ideas, homemade chai
Beer of the month gift, best gifts for him

Boyfriend's Parents - You have to show off that you have homemaker skills and what better way than making Homemade Chai Tea. Not only do you seem like a wiser person if you're a tea drinker, your beau's mom will love that you put together this heartfelt gift by hand. Is his dad a lover of craft beers? Keep the subscription gift roll going by giving him a membership to the Beer of the Month club. This gift works really well for a brother, you best guy friends, or your bf too!

Brother - My brother used to make me the best drinks when we lived in Boulder together. Gin and cucumbers were my favorite. These Moscow Mule Tins are great for the bartender brother or your boyfriend's roommates. If your brother is like mine get him an assortment used of books on Amazon, they start at 25 cents so you can get him a whole array of interesting books!
 LE TOTE gift subscription, best last minute gift, easy last minute gift, gifts for her, LE TOTE

Best Friend, Sister, GF (if you're a guy reading this) - This is seriously the best gift ever. Have you ever had that friend or family member that is hard to shop for? Or do you have a sister or cousin that is OBSESSED with clothes? Got a blogger babe as a girlfriend? Well stop searching for the most fashionable pair of diamond studs because LE TOTE has got you covered. Whether she is a little obsessed with bejeweled statement necklaces or a dire fan chiffon tops the LE TOTE gift subscriptions are an affordable and thoughtful way to get her something intriguing. A personal stylist will pick things based off of her favorite pieces on the site and she can wear and return the clothes as many times as she wants a month, with free shipping!

Yourself- ANYTHING from ASOS but most importantly this velvet jumpsuit.