Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Moto Chic - Make a masculine piece feminine!

Photos by Robby Durler

We bought a few of these French Connection motorcycle tees as a team (over at LE TOTE) in NYC this past February. Ever since they came in it has been so much fun seeing how each girl styles her graphic muscle tee! I am a sucker for Cafe Racers (I believe I even dedicated a whole post to them at some point) so this top is definitely a new favorite in my closet, we passed up the dress with the same print and I'm still regretting it!
I immediately knew that this piece had to be paired with girly accents. Muscle tees and motorcycles just scream pair me with anything pink or lacy. Please, leather and lace is the mint chocolate chip to my. . .you get the picture. What better way to style this top then a DIY acid wash denim jacket, pink accessories, and t-strap heels? Oh I don't know, add some leopard! Duh. 


Jacket | Thrifted and DIY'd.  Motorcycle Graphic Print Muscle Tee | French ConnectionLeopard Belt | Thrifted. Clutch | Zara. Skirt | Thrifted. Heels | Zara. Accessories | Raen Optics & LE TOTE 

*Almost half of this look is from Goodwill!


  1. cute!... funny, i think i've been to this same location! haha but i was facing the tree.. i could be wrong regardless definitely a great background and an even more awesome outfit! (especially LOVE that half of it is from thrifting!)

  2. always lovely! love the skirt! hope you can drop by on my blog too! :)))

  3. I am in love with your blog! Your newest follower, keep up the amazing blog & lookbook work ;)

    Alena | meet me stylish

  4. this skirt is thrifted too?? looks like one day we're gonna have to have a little blogger meet up, so you can show me your thrifting skills!


  5. Um YES! Hahah maybe I should do a blog post about thrifting!! I used to live in Florida, which had the absolute best salvation army's and goodwills, still finding my ground here. Maybe we can do a thriftup, like a insta meet but for bloggers and thrifting! - I think we might be on to something here