Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My first time on TV - Repping LE TOTE!

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Last week I was whisked away to Atlanta, Georgia to be on the CBS46 morning show! It was such an experience both good and bad. Being in the south made me miss home very much...I haven't seen my parents in over a year! Being so close yet so far was pretty difficult for me! So I got as much sweet tea in as possible, okay I'm joking, but I really did drink a lot of sweet tea. Which I then regretted later as I got food poisoning on the plane ride home. Right after I left my phone in a cab!

Here's what I wore on my big debut, plus my makeup, and the video clip from the show! I feel so awkward posting a selfie on here but I guess I already lost all respect when I asked a stranger to take the photo above. Oh the woes of being a fashion blogger.
I was worried about wearing a crop top on the news, but paired with a high rise midi skirt from LE TOTE, I felt like it was both playful but professional. The pointed pumps really sealed the deal taking this look from youthful to refined! Couldn't forget a shade of coral lipstick either, it's just perfect for Spring! 
The Details
-Top | Urban Outfitters (Shop Similar Crop Tops)
-Necklace | LE TOTE
-Midi Skirt | LE TOTE
-Pointed Pumps | Target

If the video isn't loading watch it here: CBS46 News


  1. So cute, Bryn! You are a natural!

  2. OMG - you rocked it! How are you such a natural on camera!?

    Also, funny story - right after hanging out that morning at Le Tote offices, a bout of food poisoning hit me while I was standing in the TSA line at the airport… no bueno! I blame the artsy boiled water cooked venison that I had the night before!! yucky! makes for a good story though!


  3. Thank you Jess!! It was so surreal, hopefully I get to practice more :)

    AGHH and did you lose your place in line? That sounds like my worst nightmare - being late to a flight and sick in a public space - you poor thing!!

  4. Aw Bethann, thank you so much! I was SOOO nervous!!

  5. You look lovely and OMG this necklace !



  6. wow this is really awesome! love the vid! ♥