Friday, April 25, 2014

Over y'all

overall style
 Photos by Scott Borrero
Overalls, so practical it's a wonder they ever went out of style! This weekend I found out that they're perfect for biking around the city,  I finally could ride freely without a purse or backpack holding me back! The pockets released me from the chain of my purse. Down the hills I sped, care free and feeling like a child again. Whoever thought adulthood just meant the burden of a bag! Or maybe I am just more of a tomboy beneath the surface than I ever thought...


Striped Crop Top | Urban Outfitters. Overalls | Clothing Warehouse Atlanta (Thrifted). Shoes | Zara. Jewelry | LE TOTE. Bag | Zara.

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how to wear overalls

overalls and crop tops


 Confidence aka your attitude = "I'm over y'all in my overalls"
 Crop Tops - the peep of skin on the side is just the right amount of sexy!
 Strappy Heels - Think sexy again - playful, sexy, playful, sexy, repeat.
 Converse - For a day in the park or a weekend at a festival - chucks and overalls are a good choice.
 Dainty Accessories - remember overalls are clunky! Play that off with minimal jewelry.
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  1. Amazing look ! Love your overalls