Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daisy Haze - Feat. Shop Sosie

Photos by Ryan Chua
Flare pants are my favorite. So is Jimi Hendrix. And Sosie. Combine them, and I'm pretty much in hippie heaven. These pants are perfect for lounging around or for a day on the town. They're high waisted (I didn't show this off in this post, but trust me these pants will be coming back) so they can be paired with crop tops galore! I even think a blazer and a silk top would make these pants night time ready in a second. 
Grab your round sunnies, a rum and coconut from the Pirate guy in Dolores Park, and relax! Because why not live every day like it's a festival?


Sunnies | Buffalo Exchange. Jewelry | Vanessa Mooney. Jimi Hendrix Top | CottonOn. Flare Daisy Pants | Sosie.

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