Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Real - Oversized Button Downs and Cappuccinos

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I am going to be 100% real and honest in this post about something that I am been thinking about a lot lately. Being a blogger is kind of ridiculous. Don't get me wrong - I love love love doing it.  I'm doing it because I love fashion and I love documenting my outfits, just like any other blogger. Plus I've been doing it since high school! But some of it is a facade. It's one of those things where you begin to think 'if I didn't take photos, it didn't happen'. Or you feel like you missed out on events, when really everyone was just on their phone the whole time taking instagram photos. Then, later you feel like you didn't show everyone how much fun you were having because you didn't snap an insta pic. 
But please take my concerns with a grain of salt, it really is just something I have been thinking about lately. I especially felt this way after taking these photos at the cafe up the block from me. I really wanted to tell a 'story' but in reality I forced my boyfriend to take these and that's the honest truth behind these pictures (and many others I'm sure). Obviously we both ended up enjoying the desserts and it was a lovely afternoon where we talked about leaving everything being and moving to Bali. But ladies please don't ever feel jealous of bloggers or these girls going to festivals and living the 'dream'. I assure you it is fun, but most of it is just an illusion. I sometimes look at photos or my instagram feed and start feeling down on myself, like I could be prettier, cooler, or having more fun with my life - but that's simply not the case. 
Social media is a beautiful and terrifying thing and I find myself checking my instagram like it's the new post coital cigarette (shout out to Carrie Bradshaw). You wake up in the morning and it's your pre-pre-coffee morning ritual. I am a sucker for it all and I admit that - but in all honesty, it scares me. Okay, it's off my chest everyone!!! I AM FREE. Just kidding, but if this subject interests you, please read this article about the infamous blogger boyfriend photographer phenomena.
I don't want this to distract from this outfit post whatsoever (because this shirt is the sh$^t!!!!!!!)


Sunnies | Zara. Necklace | Vanessa Mooney. Oversized Shirt | Missguided. Shorts | Levis(similar). Cross Body Purse | Urban Outfitters. Shoes | Chinese Laundry (but gimmmeeee).
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  1. Yes. This post x 100. This is how I know WE ALL FEEL. It is kind of ridiculous isn't it? I sometimes wonder what the point of it all is. It started as a blogger's world and now it sort of feel's like a brand's world. Don't get me wrong - I love my blog and love doing it. But yes.. I've felt this many, many a time.

  2. Thank you! Makes me feel better to know that I'm not alone! And especially working as the brand trying to get bloggers to advocate for you - it's a crazy crazy world! But I definitely want to try and take it a bit easier on the social media, but of course there are pros and cons to that - the more you post the more eyes you get! Such a vicious circle.