Saturday, May 10, 2014

White Out - Feat. Edo Salon & AOS Denim

white hair
white hair
White hair has been calling my name for quite sometime. It wasn't until I read about Edo Salon that I realized it might be possible. I was ready to take the plunge and the ladies at Edo gave me the proper advice and guidance in order to give me what I wanted without over promising. It was a risk I was willing to take and after coming in for a strand test, we booked an appointment for the white out. I started feeling apprehensive thinking that the white hair would be damaging to my image at work, but I kept telling myself "I'm in fashion, I plan to stay here, and this is the only time in my life where I can take my hair this far." So I did it. And I couldn't be happier. Both with my experience at Edo and the way my hair turned out. If you're thinking about going white I will include a few tips below, but keep it mind it's going to take a lot of bleach and toner. I definitely suggest going to  a professional with experience in experimental hair color, if not you might ruin your hair forever. In the Bay Area? Visit the ladies over at Edo in the Lower Haight if awesome hair is your thing. 


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san francisco graffitiwhite hair
It will complete change your hair.
It will take forever to dry from now on (5+ hours!).
You will need to put a lot of care into restoring it, protein, mending masks, oil, etc. 
It will be a huge upkeep. Lots of visits for toning and your roots will come in quick! I can already see my tiny tiny roots coming in!
You will be in the salon for the entire day, block off your entire Saturday.
People will make lots of Game of Thrones jokes.
Get purple shampoo and conditioner - when your hair starts to turn yellow, this will help tone it.
Keep in mind if you have ever dyed your hair it will likely not go completely white.
If you have dark dark brown hair, it will probably be impossible to bleach it white.
Get a color consultation before you dive in, the hair dresser will give you the proper guidance and walk you through all of this. That way you can make an educated decision if you'd like to take the plunge!
Don't be afraid, if you want to do it, just do it! But keep in mind, your hair will be very different.

white hair

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  1. such a beautiful lady..

  2. Glad you're loving it! happy to get you that icy blonde :)

  3. Oh my lady, this is gorgeous! The white hair compliments your features in a wonderful way! Pretty blown away by the fact that it makes you hair take longer to dry… what the what!?


  4. Thank you!!!!!!!! And right?! It's insane, was still wet at 4pm from an 8am shower! Mind boggling. Loving the photos of all of your juicy wedding goodness, hope your honeymoon was fantastic!

  5. Looks great on you! I imagine it would be different! How are you finding it for styling outfits? My hair is very dark, and I know I rely on that a lot to ground outfits!

  6. Katie van daalen wettersMay 19, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    really great hair btw