Monday, June 9, 2014

Lilac – Tips on Thrift Shopping

Photos by Robby Durler

Shopping at thrift stores can be intimidating. When your vintage  isn't organized by size and color – it's a lot to handle. I know. But getting down to the nitty gritty is worth it. Leaving a Salvation Army covered in dust and let's face it, feeling like you need to take a shower, is very rewarding when you look at your reapings. And your wallet. I am a little out of practice, so when I walked into one of the most disheveled looking Salvation Army's I've ever seen, I almost walked out. But I kept with it, and in my head, I started putting together a list of tips. P.S. Shout out to Florida for having the cleanest and most bountiful thrift stores ever. If you ever find yourself in Florida, visit the Goodwills and all of the other thrift stores you drive by, they're INSANE.


Dress | Salvation Army SF. Jacket | Goodwill Jacksonville + DIY Acid Wash. Sunnies | Raen. Belt | Vintage (Mothers). Shoes | Report. (Marshalls)

Don't panic. It might get dirty.
Go with a plan, or vibe it out. But don't freak when you don't find things right away.
Do a quick walk through of the store, you want to be the first person to find that Dior skirt sticking out.
Didn't find anything right away? Don't worry. Now work through your trends and go-tos.
Look for prints, solids show stains, look for stripes, polka dots, florals (90's florals are so in, go to these first!), leopard and snake print are amazing finds too. Prints are your friend.
Stay far far away from Target, Walmart, and other similar brands. C'mon you don't need to buy those from a Goodwill.
Make friends, give a girl a dress, she might give you one. Shoppers are your friends, not your enemy (most of the time).
GET IN THERE. Seriously, quickly go through every wrack, you never know what might be hiding. 
Dresses and skirts are a must. Don't be afraid to go through the slips too. You can wash everything when you get home ;)
I usually stay away from pants because I have a hard time finding ones that fit, but it's a great place to buy pants to practice distressing on. Cheese graters are your friend. 
Bring a friend, but don't get distracted by the stupid shit there. There is plenty of time to joke, but never enough time to thrift.

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