Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Jeremy Scott is a god, I think we all know that. So when Halloween came around all I wanted to be was an edgy modern Alien, I bought these sunglasses and planned my costume. It all never came together. My destiny that night was The Shining.  My lazer gun sits with dust on the packaging and these sunglasses never had the chance to shade my eyes from the sun, until last weekend. I pulled together this all white ensemble for a look that seemed stylized and different. This honestly wouldn't be a day to day look for me, but as I mentioned before I want to spice things up around here. So have a ball, take a look at the pictures from the shoot, and maybe next year my Jeremy Scott Alien costume will come to life. 


Shirt | Thrifted. Pants | DKNY. Sunglasses | Costume Shop. Shoes | Target.  

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