Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What a Tulle

Never would I have ever thought that a baby blue tutu would be versatile. I have always wanted a tutu, I searched and searched around during the Holidays and couldn't ever find one. Finally I found this gem on WindsorStore.com. And it was perfect. I wore it to Alt Summit and around town, it really must have been an eye catcher because some Marina Bro asked if I was a Scandinavian traveling around the US, and I was like um no bye. Sorry but did my giant backpack (full of clothes for this shoot) scream, "Come hit on me because I might be foreign and not know any better?" Yeah, no, that's what I thought. But in all seriousness he could be a great guy but this isn't a romcom and you don't need to run in front of me, proceed to run backwards in an effort to talk to me, then ask if my white hair is natural. And please don't pull the Khalesi line next. Readers, please note that all of my posts are really sarcastic usually. So please take this story lightly, I was actually very polite with the fella. What a tulle. 


Top | Nifty Thrifty. Tulle Skirt | (c/o) Windsor. (ONLY $35). Jacket | Express Sold Out (similar). Sunnies | Forever21. Boots | Windsor.


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