Thursday, August 7, 2014

Boring is a Blessing

I have some REALLY exciting news. I am going to Outside Lands with Garage Clothing Co. I cannot wait to show you the looks we've picked out and share the Outside Lands experience with you! It's the perfect festival, especially when the fog begins to roll in through the redwoods. It's like a mystical and magical wonderland. Plus you don't feel the need to wear tiny high waisted shorts and headdresses, it's a down to earth, fun loving, casual festival. Well at least last year it was! I'll report back next week. Here's a casual look from the other day, I love that I can wear stuff like this to work! I don't know what I would do if I had to wear blazers all of the time....thank god I work at a start up.

Also, can I get real for a second? I think 'Get Real' will be my new segment where I speak some (opinionated) truth about things that concern me in the world. Okay, here goes it...people are obsessed with the adrenaline of drama and gossip, and the attention they get from spreading it. Which I understand, because it is exciting when something crazy happens. But can we save that for when we get home to drink a glass of wine and watch reality tv? Just because we wake up and nothing crazy has happened yet, does that mean we need to cause a ruckus at 9am? Take it easy, life is too short to live anxiously waiting for the next crazy thing to happen. Zen is the new xanax, take more of it. Being bored is a blessing. Relax. 


Top | X Generation Boutique. Jeans | Windsor Store. Belt | Thrifted. Bracelet | LE TOTE. Shoes | ASOS (Similar). 

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  1. Really love this outfit. That shirt is so unique! Adds some awesome depth to the outfit.

    xx E∆