Friday, August 22, 2014

Little White Lies (Moon Boots Remix)

And yet again I have gone a whole week without posting. Why? Because you guessed it, I am the worst fashion blogger ever. But hey, at least I come at you with some lovely Friday tunes and a daily dose of sarcasm. Have any of you read one of these Elite Daily articles along the lines of "9 Signs You've Found the Man You Should Make Your Husband"? They're the worst. These articles are the epitome of what stupidity means. Not being a hater, but get ready for my article claiming that everything Elite Daily Tells You is a Lie. None of this has anything to do with this post, I am just smashing my fingers into the keys and seeing what comes out. Aka I am at work and I am trying to write some jibber jabber to go alongside these photos, so I seem like a worthy blogger. PLEASE don't let this text distract from how awesome these Others Follow pieces are. They're dreamy, ethereal, and perfectly whimsical. So they definitely called for a dramatic hat with a necklace draped on top. That could be a post, DRAMATIZE YOUR HAT GAME WITH THIS ONE CRAZY IDEA! Catchy right? Watch out Refinery29, I'm coming for you.


Top and Skirt | Others Follow. Hat | Thrifted. Hat Charm (aka necklace) | Windsor Store.  Shoes | Kelsi Dagger.


  1. These shots are amazing! And every blogger struggles to post! Don't worry girl!


  2. Such a fun read and a great look!

  3. Aww thank you! Haha one could call it a 'free write'


  4. Right??

    Glad you liked the photos :)