Friday, August 15, 2014

Outside Lands 2014 Recap with Garage Clothing

Outside Lands 2014 Style
As many of you know (because I was just so freakin excited), I was lucky enough to head to Outside Lands with Garage Clothing. I can't believe it's already been a week since the festival! My friend Robby happened to be shooting the festival for a music blog, so I stole him away to take some photos, he's so good and such a life saver, check out his Instagram! I have seriously been wearing Garage pieces for the last week and a half now. I can't even help it, I'm that obsessed. I am going to do a little, jk long, recap of the festival, get ready!


Festival Style at Outside Lands 2014
I missed Bear Hands, I couldn't be more bummed about that one...but Disclosure and Grouplove made up for it. Plus, The Arctic Monkeys were such a treat! For the first day I knew to bring layers, as a SF resident, I know you can't let the heat trick you. These Garage pieces were made for each other, everything layered so well!
Festival Style at Outside Lands 2014
Outside Lands 2014


Clothing and Accessories | Garage Clothing
Outside Lands 2014 Fashion Photography


Outside Lands 2014 Festival Style
Though it was incredibly crowded I had an amazing time exploring the different areas of the festival. The dedication to the arts was stunning – it made me want to get into set design! This was one of my favorite pieces because I am in love with Mason Jennings, Alan Watts, and Eckhart Tolle.
Outside Lands 2014 Stone Fox Style
Outside Lands 2014 art and style
Garage Clothing Festival Style


Clothing and Acessories | Garage Clothing.
Outside Lands 2014
 On the second day we finally ventured into the woods, I had been looking forward to this part the entire weekend! I could have hidden away in McLaren Pass forever, there were so many nooks and crannies! 
Dr. Flostam's Hell Brew Outside Lands 2014
I'm also super in love with Juxtapoz magazine, my mom introduced me to that magazine years ago...seeing the curated art from them was just as great as Dr. Flotsam's Hell Brew Revue carnival set-up in the woods. Dr. Flostam had me enamored immediately. It was as if you stepped onto the set of a play, everyone was in character and the experience was so unique.
Dr. Flostam's Hell Brew Outside Lands 2014
 I am building my home here.
Stone Fox Style in Garage Clothing at Outside Lands Music Festival
 I like trees.
Set Design Ideas Juxtapoz Magazine
I'm so pensive...
Juxtapoz Magazine at Outside Lands
Cool Outside Lands 2014 Photography


Outside Lands Festival Style
My favorite day of the festival was Sunday when I roamed the grounds alone. There is something about not being tied to anyone's decisions or being pulled to a certain set because of someone else, I got to trek around and see some of my favorite performers whilst taking my time to explore the different vendor, food, and beverage areas. UM PLUS I GOT TO SEE CRAIG ROBINSON!!!!!!!! He was hidden in the woods at a stage judging in some sort of promotion, it was phenomenal, he is SO funny.
Chocolands at Outside Lands Music Festival

Set Design Inspiration

Humphry Slocombe at Outside Lands 2014
Mid day drum circles? Yes please.
Festival Style for Cold Festivals
A little break from the crowds during The Flaming Lips! I went for a layered funky look. I loved wearing this Garage dress with their distressed boyfriend jeans. My mom always tried putting me in dresses and jeans, I hated it! Now I'm doing it to make a statement, she would be proud :)
Dress with Jeans from Garage Clothing


Clothing and Accessories | Garage Clothing. Hat | Brixton. Shoes | Kelsi Dagger
Garage Clothing Festival Style
I told you, I could live in this forest forever.
Outside Lands 2014 Festival Style
 I still wish I could have found the Blue Bottle! But seeing Ben Howard, Ray Lamontagne, and Cut Copy was worth missing out on coffee I can get everyday. I can go on and on about this weekend...but all you need to leave with is, Outside Lands is an AMAZING festival. I really suggest you all go! The smell of the eucalyptus trees in Golden Gate Park will get you addicted to the nostalgia of the Outside Lands, once you come! 
Kelsi Dagger, Instax, and Garage Clothing
Thank you again Nico and Jo for sending lil ole' me to Outside Lands, it was so lovely meeting you and being introduced to your brand. You won a lifetime customer. And readers, I promise you, their clothes are so great, do yourself a favor and start shopping at Garage Clothing stores and on their site!

Style Photos by Robby Durler


  1. Loving all of these looks! Amazing!! So need to meet lady! We did some very similar OSL looks and have very similar hair!


  2. Maybe we're long lost twins? Jk. But I'd love to meet sometime! Always down for a coffee break :)