Monday, September 29, 2014

Cozy Cozy Cozy

Fall Sweater Weather Style
I'm currently wearing a sweatshirt from Brandy Melville. Because all I want to wear is cozy and oversized stuff lately. I know this sounds like a depression commercial waiting to happen but really nothing makes me feel better than a oversized sweater and some skinny jeans. But then, there are times when I have to dress up. Well not really, I never have to dress up, I work at a startup. But to stay sane, the heels need to go on. Which is why pencil skirts and t-strap heels are perfect for pairing with big comfy sweaters. It's like you're trying when you totally aren't.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NYC Photo Diary

I recently took a trip to Manhattan for FashTechNYC on behalf of LE TOTE. I wrote this post for the LE TOTE blog but I wanted to share it on mine as well, with a few more personal additions! The trip was full of hectic last minute event planning, brunch, and lots of exploring. I was even on a panel talking about fashion and technology. People quoted me on twitter, it was surreal, and crazy. Plus I got to see my two best friends from high school! Here's a roundup of some of my favorite places we stopped, ate, and drank! Plus a couple of outtakes and some random photos I want to share. Please excuse how long this post is!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Top Knotch

Stone Fox Style inside of Blue Bottle Heather Ceramics
Am I punny? I think I am. This is the knottiest top knot I have ever had on my head. Which probably explains the headaches towards the end of the day...but I can't get over how cute the little ball looks! This outfit is a little more experimental, I wanted to style something with an edge that wasn't necessarily grungy, but more creatively edgy. Obviously this leopard midi skirt would look amazing with a crop top, but that's the easy way out! Mixing these girly tops with something more structured or masculine is the way to go! i.e. Band tees and girly skirts = magic. This outfit is really fun and unique, but the photos are probably my favorite part. Robby is such a gem! Coffee runs with him are always a nice way to get away from the desk for a few minutes and snap some shots. This time we swung by the Blue Bottle at the Heath Ceramics location in the Mission, I think Blue Bottle might be my religion.. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

little girl // DFA 1979

Welp I just found out Death From Above will be in San Francisco in a few months. And it's already sold out. Huge bummer. I am also super uncomfortable on my couch right now trying to find a good position without any luck. So it looks like I'll probably just hit the hay. AKA get ready for bed and turn on some Seinfeld. Oh yea. . .If you were ever wondering how this all worked, the magic of blogging and all of it's luster. . .Well, I write these posts at night, sometimes during my 15 min lunch break, and schedule them out to post at another time. Which is why I am talking about going to bed and you're reading this in the future! SoOoOoOoOo crazy. Sorry for the lack of intelligence and good content in my posts lately! I'm losing it, my mind, that is. At least I can balance it with beautiful photography! These photos were taken by Summer Wilson, my co-worker and the woman behind Rapture and Relish!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dear New York...

Dear New York City, 

I'm writing this from the bed of my dear high school friend's apartment in the Upper West Side. It's late here but still early for me, as I am on West Coast time. I took a red eye last night and even though I slept through for most of the flight, it feels like I haven't even shut my eyes. Ah, the nature of a red eye. Nonetheless it feels like a fleeting eternity. Yes, oxymoron, I know. Either way, I don't have much to say – per usual. But I am starting to like you a bit more. Still, there is something about SF that I love so so so much more. Perhaps I just can't stand the humidity after being away from it for two years. It's nothing against your rawness, your charm, or your character. Your subways are a beautifully chaotic maze, that are so much more efficient than San Francisco's municipal transit system. And I love that about you. You're great, but I miss San Francisco, though it's only been one day. Hey, I meant to ask...does this bun look like the smiling poop emoji to you? I think it does. Or does it more so resemble hazardous waste from a powerplant in The Simpsons? The green tint is just, so, quaint. But thank god I fixed it. Sort of. And if you followed me on social media you would know that, you silly goose. But goodnight, city of lights. Sweet dreams, city of sounds. Au Revoir, city of fashion bloggers here for fashion week with your silly little dogs that are really just ploys for attention so photographers will take photos of you (run on sentence intended, read it like you're saying it in one breath). I will see you when I wake. I will greet you with a lens, ready to take on the streets, so I can show all of these people, that I too, am an attention seeking fashion blogger. No shame here. 

Much Love,

Stone Fox Style

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where the hell have you been?

The past week (more like month) has been full of surprises! And fun exciting stuff. So I am going to give you the lowdown. Why? Because aren't you obsessed with me? That's why you're reading this right? JUST KIDDING. I honestly just haven't shot new content, because I am horrible. Plus my boyfriend has been working on (super cool) shoots all of the time! Which is why this is all I have to show read this bulleted list about my life to catch up! Imagine that I'm saying this all in a Billy on the Streets voice.