Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dear New York...

Dear New York City, 

I'm writing this from the bed of my dear high school friend's apartment in the Upper West Side. It's late here but still early for me, as I am on West Coast time. I took a red eye last night and even though I slept through for most of the flight, it feels like I haven't even shut my eyes. Ah, the nature of a red eye. Nonetheless it feels like a fleeting eternity. Yes, oxymoron, I know. Either way, I don't have much to say – per usual. But I am starting to like you a bit more. Still, there is something about SF that I love so so so much more. Perhaps I just can't stand the humidity after being away from it for two years. It's nothing against your rawness, your charm, or your character. Your subways are a beautifully chaotic maze, that are so much more efficient than San Francisco's municipal transit system. And I love that about you. You're great, but I miss San Francisco, though it's only been one day. Hey, I meant to ask...does this bun look like the smiling poop emoji to you? I think it does. Or does it more so resemble hazardous waste from a powerplant in The Simpsons? The green tint is just, so, quaint. But thank god I fixed it. Sort of. And if you followed me on social media you would know that, you silly goose. But goodnight, city of lights. Sweet dreams, city of sounds. Au Revoir, city of fashion bloggers here for fashion week with your silly little dogs that are really just ploys for attention so photographers will take photos of you (run on sentence intended, read it like you're saying it in one breath). I will see you when I wake. I will greet you with a lens, ready to take on the streets, so I can show all of these people, that I too, am an attention seeking fashion blogger. No shame here. 

Much Love,

Stone Fox Style


Jacket | Express. Sweater | Garage. Leopard Skirt | Free People. Boots | Sutro (from Rob for my birthday!!) Glasses | Ozeal


  1. Damn cool look, would wear it exactly like this!

    Love, Alena | meet me stylish

  2. Thanks! Yeah it was a great effortless look. This skirt is actually my roommate's and I steal it from her :D