Thursday, September 25, 2014

NYC Photo Diary

I recently took a trip to Manhattan for FashTechNYC on behalf of LE TOTE. I wrote this post for the LE TOTE blog but I wanted to share it on mine as well, with a few more personal additions! The trip was full of hectic last minute event planning, brunch, and lots of exploring. I was even on a panel talking about fashion and technology. People quoted me on twitter, it was surreal, and crazy. Plus I got to see my two best friends from high school! Here's a roundup of some of my favorite places we stopped, ate, and drank! Plus a couple of outtakes and some random photos I want to share. Please excuse how long this post is!!

THE ROUNDUP of all the noms

1. Head to The Harlem Tavern on Sundays for a jazz filled brunch on their, huge, covered outdoor patio! If you're in the Upper West Side it's a quick walk up to 116th and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

2. In Brooklyn? Pies 'n' Thighs is a must. C'mon I'm from the south, sort of, and both of my best friends are, so the search for the best sweet tea and fried chicken was without a doubt a mission. Surprisingly enough, being based on the West Coast does have its' downfalls!
3. Macarons.  I love them too. Coffee? I love that even more. Chocolate? Okay just stop. Pop into The Bakeshop By WOOPS (Williamsburg) for a tasty mini fudge brownie that melts in your mouth! Driggs & N. 7th off Bedford, Brooklyn.
4. reign from SF, where more vegans reside than techies. Well, that might be a lie, but when I saw Vegan Ice Cream, I had to stop and try! Vanleeuwen Ice Cream Trucks are sprinkled all over the city: Bedford Ave and N8th St, Brooklyn.  Prince and Greene, SOHO.  Bleecker & Perry, West Village.

5. The Meatpacking District – is full of delectable and fashionable pit stops. Sampling Amy's bread at Chelsea Market is a requirement before you head into the shops. Grab a Coffee from Le Pain Quotidien or Blue Bottle when you need that afternoon shopping pickmeup. Don't forget to visit the High Line!
6. Olio e Piú. If you're craving delicious crust and prosecco you need to stop by the West Village and visit this restaurant. With an ambiance straight out of Italy, you'll love sipping away on bubbly and gabbing over paninis.
7. The all-white decor over at The Bakeshop By Woops in Brooklyn is just so on trend.
8. I am a coffee connoisseur hailing from SF, so we judge our joe pretty sternly. Coincidentally Joes, over in SoHo passed our taste test with flying colors. But that's probably because of their adorable marquee sign and proximity to Beacon's Closet with a clean bathroom.
Last but not least! Beco Bar, 45 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY. I'm not featuring this quaint yet busy restaurant/bar because it was a runner up...the food was just too good to even capture on film! So here you get a picture of my cousin and I, we hadn't seen each other in 5 years! You must must must must must, yes we really mean it, must go to Beco! Go with the steak sandwich – Bauru: Sliced filet mignon w/ queijo prato & tomato on baguette.



Photos from my Instagram and my friends' @HeyGraceEllis and @NicoleCataland.

Ignore my Frizzy damaged hair, my hair oil spilled in my purse on the wait to the event! But here's a look at what FashTechNYC was all about.

If you have any questions about where clothing pieces are from, just leave a comment and I will tell you!

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